Councils, committees and departments

The Church of Scotland's day to day policy making and practical decision making at local, national and international level are organised into six main councils and a number of associated committees and other departments. You can follow the links for each of these listed below to find out more about what they do.


  • Council of Assembly - Setting priorities among the councils and committees, and taking necessary administrative decisions between General Assemblies
  • Church and Society - Engaging in the national, political and social issues affecting Scotland and the world today
  • Ministries Council - Supporting a variety of ministries for the Church, from the first stirring of a 'call' through to retirement
  • Mission and Discipleship - Promoting an overall focus for mission and developing resources for congregations
  • Social Care (known as CrossReach) - Offering services in Christ's name and specialist resources to further the caring work of the Church to people in need. CrossReach also has its own website at
  • World Mission - Working internationally to share the gospel, support theological education and encourage holistic ministry



  • Communications - Liaises with the media and responsible for design services and the website
  • The Guild - Scotland's largest voluntary Christian group, supporting Scottish and international projects
  • General Trustees - Holding properties and investments for the Church
  • Housing and Loan Fund - Helping ministers, their widows, widowers, separated or divorced spouses with housing needs in retirement
  • Safeguarding Service - Providing child protection training and assisting those who work in outreach with children
  • Stewardship and Finance - Promoting and encouraging Christian stewardship by providing programmes and training for congregations
  • Church of Scotland Trust - Holding properties outwith Scotland and acting as trustee in third party trusts
  • Investors Trust - Offering Church groups a medium for the investment of their funds
  • Pension Trustees - Responsible for the investment of all the Church pension schemes

Appointment to councils and committees

The Nomination Committee identifies individuals with the necessary skills and experience who are then recommended for appointment by the General Assembly. Information on the process and what is expected from members is included on the Nomination Committee's page.