The Moderator's diary

During their year in office, the Moderator visits four Church of Scotland Presbyteries, travels to partner churches overseas, represents the Church of Scotland on historic and national occasions, supports the work of Councils, Committees, congregations and organisations, and meets with interfaith and ecumenical bodies.

Below are details of the engagements in the modertorial diary this month.


30 March to 8 April

The Moderator and her chaplain, the Rev Mary Stobo, will visit the Presbytery of England.  The ten day programme will include speaking and preaching engagements as well as time in local schools and industries, as they visit Jersey, Guernsey, Corby and Newcastle.

9 April

The Moderator will attend an event at Greyfriars Kirk to celebrate the launch of “Travels with a Stick”, a book written by Rev Dr Richard Frazer, about pilgrimage.

10 April

The Moderator will visit Cumbrae Parish Church’s brand new building in Ardrossan Presbytery.

11 April

The Moderator will visit Motherwell and Wishaw Rotary Club, and speak on the challenges facing the church.

12 to 15 April

The Moderator will visit Shetland. Her time on the islands will include preaching at the very first Shetland-wide United Service, and leading an all age, ecumenical, Palm Sunday Procession through the local streets.

17 April

The Moderator will host a dinner and discussion evening to explore the issue of generational divides, and how the decisions of one generation might bless or burden those of another. The conversation will contribute to work that the Church of Scotland, the Methodist Church, Baptists Together and The United Reformed Church are undertaking on this topic, through the Joint Public Issues Team.

18 April

The Moderator will join CrossReach’s Service User Participation Group on a Walk around three CrossReach Services in Edinburgh, and then host a Lunch reception for participants.

19 April

The Moderator will preach at Cramond Kirk’s Good Friday Evening Service.

20 April

The Moderator will host The Big Footprint, an intergenerational walking event designed to highlight the Church of Scotland as a visible and active presence within local communities. Mrs Brown will lead two of the main Walks; in Glasgow in the morning, and in Edinburgh in the afternoon.

21 April

The Moderator will lead the Easter Sunday morning service at Penicuik North Kirk, and celebrate the Sacrament of Holy Communion. The service will be followed by a congregational lunch which the Moderator and her husband will attend.

22 to 30 April

The Moderator and her husband will visit Christ Church in Warwick. During their time in Bermuda, the Moderator will preach at the congregation’s 300th anniversary service.