On the Road

The Church of Scotland got back 'On the Road' this November to share what we have learned from listening to church members and to listen to your feedback on our report. Anyone with connections to the Church was invited to come along and join the discussion.

On the road

In 2016, the On the Road initiative held meetings around the country to listen to the hopes and concerns of church members and to explore the challenges facing ministry and discipleship in the 21st century.

What we heard was that the Kirk must widen its reach, deepen its commitment and become more flexible in its approach if it is to meet the needs of 21st Century Scotland.

We listened to hear what you had to say about helping the Church of Scotland to be the Church we hoped to be and we shared with you some of the key new ideas which the Councils of the Church had been working on. We did all of this as part of a planning process.

Since we last saw you, the Councils of the Church have been drafting up the Strategic Plan as part of planning for the future. The conversations we held and the ideas that were shared have helped to form this first draft and we would now like to come back out ‘On the Road’ to share our thinking so far with you and to hear your response.

This year, we go back ‘On the Road’ as we look to feed back to you what we heard and where we have reached.

These events are an open invitation to everyone connected with the Church. Whether you are a regular worshipper, or an occasional attender; whether you take a leadership role in your local Church or simply drop in from time to time – ‘On the Road' wants to hear from you. We want to listen to folks from every background and every congregation: don't leave it to someone else – come and have your say!

Glasgow 11 November 2017 14.00-16.00 Renfield St Stephen’s Church
Dundee 16 November 2017 19.00-21.00 The Steeple Church
Inverness 18 November 2017 14.00-16.00 Inverness East Church
Edinburgh 23 November 2017 19.00-21.00 St Andrew’s and St George’s West Church

This event has now ended.

On the road