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Friday 19 February, 2016

The funeral of church member Mary 'Rae' Logie, who was found dead in her home last month after being attacked, is being held today in Leven Parish Church. Cameron Brooks from the Communications department will be at the funeral helping minister Rev Gilbert Nesbit and working with the media.

Reporting on the funeral in advance were:

The Evening Express.

The Press and Journal.

The Courier reports that a Muslim cleric from Dunfermline has criticised Donald Trump for his anti-Muslim statements. The story also notes that Very Rev Andrew McLellan has made similar criticisms.

"Ajaz Mohammed, chairman of Dunfermline Islamic Mosque, said Muslims are being targeted in a backlash against ISIS by those who think the terror group's warped interpretation of Islam is representative of the faith…

"Church of Scotland minister The Very Rev Andrew McLellan said figures like Mr Trump have helped create a "dangerous" climate where violence and intimidation against Muslims can thrive.

"Earlier this year Dunfermline Muslims told Mr McLellan that Islamophobic attacks were "much worse in the last year than ever before".

"I was ashamed. The peace of Scotland is at stake unless Christians and Muslims learn to love each other," the minister told Dunfermline Abbey on Sunday."

The Evening Times reports that Children in Need is supporting charities in Glasgow with funding of £375,426. Among the charities receiving support is Richmond's Hope, a bereavement service for children based at Ibrox Parish Church. (print p4)

The Daily Record reports that four Paisley Boys Brigade volunteers have graduated from the King George VI Youth Leadership Training course.

"Fraser Digney, from the 3rd Johnstone Company, joins Kalesha Mayne, from the 8th Paisley Company; Jack Mitchell, from the 1st Elderslie Company and Nathan Orr, from the 1st Erskine Company.

"Each was presented with their certificates by the Very Reverend Andrew McLellan, Brigade National Chaplain and former Moderator of the Church of Scotland, at a special graduation ceremony at Kirkton Parish Church, in Carluke, on Saturday."

The Tablet reported on the Columba Declaration and the Moderator's address to the Church of England Synod.

Common Weal reports that First Minister Nicola Sturgeon will give keynote speech at anti-Trident rally in London. The story notes that the Church is among several civic organisations which have opposed nuclear weapons.

"In November 2015 the Scottish Parliament voted against trident renewal with a 74 per cent majority. The historic vote followed a Scottish Labour conference which voted against trident renewal, reflecting a change in stance after the election of anti-nuclear weapons campaigner Jeremy Corbyn as UK party leader.

;"The demonstration has drawn significant civil society support, with dozens of organisations supporting the demonstration including Stop the War Coalition, War on Want, Campaign Against Arms Trade, the Church of Scotland and Greenpeace."

Thursday 18 February, 2016

The Columba Declaration story, which saw the Moderator of the General Assembly the Right Rev Dr Angus Morrison address the General Synod of the Church of England in London, was published by around 60 local, regional and national newspapers over two days.

The historic agreement recognises the longstanding ecumenical partnership between the Church of Scotland and the Church of England and paves the way for future joint working between the two churches. The issue will be debated at the Kirk's General Assembly in May.

The BBC'sstory is available here

BBC Radio Scotland's report – which features an interview with the Scottish Episcopal Church - can be listened to here

The Scotsmanpublished an article on the Moderator making history

The Herald'sstory is available here

The Anglican Communion News Service story is here

Christian Today'sstory is available here

Premier's article about the Moderator making history can be read here

The Aberdeen Evening Express's story can be found here

Reporting Scotlandfeatures a piece focusing on the growing cost of childcare in Scotland. Gillian MacLean is a Minister for the Church of Scotland and is interviewed about juggling childcare with her work.

The Means Leader has published an article about Moderator the Right Rev Dr Angus Morrison who opened a new community garden in Aberdeenshire. (print only) The article reads - Brighter Bervie kicked off its 2016 campaign with a special visit to its Voyage of Life Garden from Church of Scotland Moderator, the Rt. Rev. Dr. Angus Morrison.

The St Andrews Citizen has published a feature about the Reformation and St Andrews title as Britain's only Reformation city. The Church of Scotland is quoted in the article.

Wednesday 17 February, 2016

The Moderator's historic address to the Church of England's General Synod was widely reported in print, online and in broadcast media.

In advance of the Synod BBC Radio Scotland's Good Morning Scotland news broadcast an interview with the Moderator and included the story all day in its news bulletin. (1:48:40)

Also reporting in advance:

The Herald wrote: Kirk Moderator 'first to address Church of England Synod.'

The Evening Times: Kirk Moderator to address English Synod. (print p6)

The Scotsman published two stories: Kirk Moderator to make history in England and Second Chance for new Church of Scotland Moderator.

The Daily Record: Moderator to address the Synod (print p10)

The Press and Journal: Moderator to address the Synod. (print p12)

Metro: Top minister to 'make history' with speech. (print p8)

The National: Historic trip to Synod. (print p6)

Reporting after the Moderator gave his address were:

BBC online: Church of England synod backs agreement with Church of Scotland.

The Times reported that Churches deal Agreed. (print p29)

The Herald gave the story a page lead in its print edition with two photos and also posted this story online: Moderator: Link between Kirk and Church of England embedded in DNA of both.

The Independent: Synod backs closer ties with Church of Scotland. (print p12)

The Scotsman: Anglicans agree historic pact. (print p6)

The Press and Journal: Synod backs historic deal with Kirk.

The National: English Synod agrees closer links to Kirk. (print p7)

Yorkshire Post: Church agrees to historic accord. (print p5)

You can also find our own story and the full text of the Moderator's speech on the Church website.

Kenny Macaskill writes in The Herald that while he is not religious he supports the work of local Churches:

"The loss of a church can leave an empty building that's often difficult to convert easily for any other purpose. They can stand forlornly as testimony to the communities past, along with the headstones in the graveyard. However, they are also the loss of a community asset…. The loss of these facilities will not be offset by expanded public ones, many of which themselves are under threat. The entire community, not just the congregation, will be the loser."

The Press and Journal reports that Very Rev Andrew McLellan has presented an award to a young graduate from a Boys Brigade course. (print p6)

"A young volunteer from Inverness has graduated with a top honour from the Boy's Brigade. Mitchell Marsh has passed through the organisation's flagship two-year King George VI Youth Leadership Training (KGVI) course."

The Paisley Gazette reports on four Boys Brigade members who have completed the same training course.

The Courier reports that two churches in Montrose will formally unite after working closely together for 35 years. (print p4)

Monday 15 February, 2016

The disagreement over the government inquiry into historic abuse was covered by dozens of local papers across the country on Friday. Very Rev Dr Andrew McLellan, who carried out an inquiry for the Catholic Church has joined survivors' organisations in calling for an expansion of its remit to include non-residential settings.

The widely distributed Press Association story said:

"The Scottish inquiry, which could take four years, will focus on allegations of abuse in formal institutional care settings, such as children's homes and secure care, care, long-term hospital care and boarding schools.

"George McBride, a member of White Flowers Alba, said: "I'm a survivor, I was abused when I was a little boy at primary school, it messed my head up. And there are thousands like me out there, we don't fit in the remit."

Here is the story in the Evening Times.

Here is the STV online version.

BBC Radio 4's Sunday program reported on allegations that Jehovah's Witness have destroyed files and records of interest to the Goddard enquiry. (33:30)

Local papers also covered the story of former Church of Scotland missionary Dr Ann Jackson and the Rev Dr Elijah Obinna who were surprised to find they had an unexpected and surprising connection. While in Nigeria, Dr Jackson had worked in the same hospital as Dr Obinna's mother –although at different times.

Here's the story in the Fraserburgh Herald.

Here's our own story with video.

The Stirling Observer writes about the council's work to archive building plans this year of Innovation architecture and design. The story includes an illustration of the plan for Aberfoyle Parish Church in 1925. (print p12)

The Herald reports that more than 200 people gathered to see the unveiling of two plaques that commemorate William Wallace at Rutherglen Parish Church. The site, which has had a church for 1400 years, was where Sir John Menteith and the Earl of Pembroke are said to have negotiated Wallace's betrayal in 1305, which led to his capture and gruesome death in London.

The Daily Mail publishes an article headlined, "Christians 'are being persecuted by online hate mob'." The story is based on comments by Rev David Robertson of the Free Church of Scotland. For your information only since there is no Church of Scotland reference. (print Feb 13. P10)