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Friday 3 July, 2015

There will be a moment of silence at noon to remember the victims of the shooting in Tunisia.

In Cumbernauld Abronhill Church will host a prayer gathering between 11:30—12:30. Members of the local community are welcome to attend, regardless of whether they are members of the Church of Scotland. A Book of Condolence will be available for signing in the reception area.

The Communications department issued a press release requesting that the media not attend this prayer gathering. Here's the messagefrom Rev Joyce Keyes on our own website.

Press outlets including The Cumbernauld News reported on the prayer gathering:

The Church yesterday joined with 12 other churches and charities to urge the government conduct a review of the benefits sanctions process.

Read the story on our website complete with Methodist Church video featuring Catherine Hale author of the report Fulfilling Potential . Hale talks about her own experiences on benefits.

Media covering the story included: The Herald (print) TheRecord (print)

Deadline News

The Press and Journal

Friday 3 July, 2015

The National reported that the Westminster government plans to drop a target date for eliminating child poverty. The story—"Abandoned: Outrage as Tories scrap targets to lift children out of poverty," –includes a quote from Rev Dr Richard Frazer, Vice-Convener of the Church of Scotland's Church and Society Council, saying: "It is shocking these changes are being proposed at a time when further cuts are being threatened. What the UK Government needs to do is listen to the voices of those children and families who live in poverty, about what they need to get on. The measures were developed through extensive consultation with academics, children's charities and those experiencing poverty."

Deadline News covers the church's call for a review of benefit sanctions.

The Scotsman covered the Moderator's visit to Positive Help, a charity that offers practical help to people living with HIV and Hepatitis C in Edinburgh and the Lothians. Positive Help has seen a 25 percent upsurge in demand for its services and is recruiting volunteers.

The National quotes Rt Rev Dr Angus Morrison's statement on the deaths of Jim and Ann McQuire in a terror attack in Tunisia.

More than 20 local papers, including the Motherwell Times, report on the moment of silence for Tunisia shooting victims to be held noon Friday 3 July.

In the Middle East Monitor Yvonne Ridley writes about peace activists and the arms trade in "Israeli firepower shot down by peace activists." The story looks at where churches stand on the issue, paraphrasing the church's policy as:

"The Church of Scotland, a mainstream Protestant Christian church, famously restated its support for Palestinian human rights in 2013, including the right of Palestinian refugees to return home or be compensated. It has called for an end to the Israeli occupation of the West Bank, an end to the siege of Gaza and safe access to the sacred sites for the main religions in the region. In addition it has also called on the British government and the European Union to put pressure on Israel to stop further expansion of its settlements and remove the existing illegal settlements in the Occupied West Bank."

Wednesday 1 July, 2015

The deaths of four Scots killed in the Tunisian beach attack, including Church of Scotland members Jim and Ann McQuire, was covered by local and national outlets across the country.  Among more than 20 articles were:

The Cumbernauld News

The Galloway Gazette

The Scotsman

ITV News

The Stornoway Gazette

Third Force News reported on the moderator's visit to Positive Help a charity that offers practical support to people living with HIV and Hepatitis C.

The story was also reported in the print editions of The Herald and The Scotsman

The Jersey Evening Post

Deadline News

In its story "Scots charities fire welfare warning to UK government," Third Force News reports on a letter to the government sent by 13 organisations including the Church of Scotland.

The Herald also reported on the letter.

Kate's Kitchen in Annan,which receives fundsfrom Go For it gets a write-up on the Annan Parish website.

Tuesday 30 June, 2015

The shooting deaths of Scottish holidaymakers in Tunisia has dominated news broadcasts and newspapers' front pages. Rt Rev. Angus Morrison spoke to the BBC, Heart FM and other outlets to express the sadness felt by many church members at the loss of Ann and Jim McQuire and the horror of the attack.

This week the Church of Scotland Voices Twitter account, @churchscovoices , will feature Rev Elisabeth Spence @LibSpence minister of Ibrox, Glasgow. The account features a different Church of Scotland voice every week.

Also follow Rt Rev Angus Morrison's tweets at the @ChurchModerator account.

STV news broadcast a segment on Givin it Laldie, a Gorbals Parish Church project that connects people through community choirs. Givin it Laldie has been supported by grants from the Go For It Fund, most recently a £36,000 Go For It continuation grant. The project aims to decrease isolation, increase confidence and improve mental health in the Gorbals community. 2:35)

Life and Work reports that Church of Scotland Deacon and airport chaplain Lewis Rose was invited to meet; Pope Francis after speaking to a meeting of civil aviation chaplains at the Vatican.