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Saturday 16 May, 2015

Great excitement at the General Assembly as the new Moderator Rt Rev Angus Morrison is installed.

View the General Assembly proceedings live online at:

BBC Radio Scotland interviewed Rev Colin Sinclair and Rev Michael Mair about serving in the ministry on the John Beattie show: (starts at 1.09.30)

STV reported on the General Assembly in their story: Church of Scotland to vote on the ordination of gay ministers.

The Herald reports that: The Church of Scotland is expected to take the most critical step towards acceptance of openly gay clergy as the historic General Assembly opens in Edinburgh.

The Herald also reports that: Kirk should approach its annual gathering in upbeat mood.

The Herald also printed letters from Ian W Thomson and Pauline Weibye, Secretary of the Council of Assembly.

BBC online news reports : Church of Scotland to hold final vote on gay ministers.

The Stornoway Gazette reports: Historic vote starts Church of Scotland's General Assembly tomorrow.

The Southern Reporter also covers the General Assembly: Ordination vote at General Assembly.

Other news outlets covering the General Assembly are:

Kincardineshire Observer:

Deadline News:

Deeside Piper:

Hebrides News:

The Daily Record carried a story about CrossReach, saying "The Heart for Art project - which has seven groups across Scotland - will operate for at least the next three years thanks to a £230,000 donation from the Life Changes Trust."

The Courier reports that:Church of Scotland minister the Rev George Cooper has died at the age of 99.

Friday 15 May, 2015

Ministers wellbeing has been featured in the Daily Mail this week (not online) with an article about what the church is doing to look after its clergy. It was followed up by BBC Radio Scotland's Newsdrive programme, who interviewed Rev Neil Glover about the first wellbeing conference for ministers which the church is running at the end of August. You can hear the interview (starts 01.55.05) here and find out more about the conference here

The Tomorrow's Calling campaign highlighting the work of ministers is spreading fast through social media channels. The video has been viewed more than 20,000 times on Facebook and Youtube and has generated more than 8,000 clicks, shares and comments, almost all positive.

Evening News writer Gina Davidson mentions the church's recruitment drive in her column, "SNP must learn over education."

The Herald's Appointments section carries an article about the Tomorrow's Calling campaign on its cover.

The Midlothian Advertiser covers the election of Rev Elizabeth Morton as Moderator of the Lothian Presbytery.

The Daily Record credits Church of Scotland minister Rev Douglas Lister as the founder of Christian Aid in a story about Wishaw residents raising money for Nepal earthquake survivors.

The Record also reports on a 12-year-old girl who is raising awareness of Inflammatory Bowel Disease with the support of Old Parish Church in East Kilbride:

Thursday 14 May, 2015

The Herald reports on Rt Rev John Chalmers' call for a "year of grace" as the General Assembly prepares to talk about same-sex relations and the ministry. "The outgoing Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland has appealed for calm ahead of the historic debate on the final acceptance of actively gay ministers for congregations who back clergy in civil partnerships."

Ekklesia reports that the Church of Scotland is one of four UK churches urging the prime minister to support the most vulnerable in our society.

Eco Congregation Scotland has published a map showing where the Climate Justice baton will visit ahead of the Climate Change conference in Paris in December. The baton, which bears the message: Churches in Scotland demand a deal in Paris, is being taken around the country to draw attention to the issue. Congregations can sign up to host the baton on the website.

The Tomorrow's calling campaign continues to draw a huge amount of interest from media and the public. The video has now more than 11,000 views. Check out our own story about the campaign.

The Moderators' Munro challenge continues to pull in much needed funds for the people of Nepal.

Wednesday 13 May, 2015

Several ministers are making a fantastic impression in the media as they appear on television, radio and in print talking about their vocations and the Tomorrow's Calling campaign.

BBC Scotland updated its story, embedding the Tomorrow's Calling video and with a link to the Tomorrow's Calling page on our website:

BBC television's Reporting Scotland show also discussed the campaign showing a clip of the video and a few words from Rev Michael Mair. (starts 17:33)

Rev MacNeil of Stornoway tells the BBC's Pauline Mclean what it's like to be a minister on BBC Radio Scotland's John Beattie show (Starts at 36:35)

BBC also carries an online story featuring Rev Michael Mair:

STV's Scotland Tonight programme featured an interview with Rev Neil Glover who did a great job of representing the campaign. (Starts at 23.37)

Tomorrows Calling campaign is also covered by:

The Arbroath Herald

Forth 2 AM ran a brief news report on the campaign.

The Edinburgh Evening News talks about the upcoming General Assembly and the debate over same sex unions and the ministry in its article, Gay marriage may become whole new debate for Kirk:

Ekklesia carries the post-election statement by Church and Society Council Convener Rev Sally Foster-Fulton saying the Smith commission report should be implemented quickly.

The Ardrossan Herald reports that: "After three years of fundraising and grant applications, the restoration of Ardeer Parish Church is finally underway." The church has raised £387,000 to begin restoration of the 19th century building.

The Christian Institute reports that MSPs are today debating a bill that would tackle human trafficking but without criminalising the purchase of sex. "In February, leading figures within the Church of Scotland, alongside Roman Catholics, Anglicans, Muslims and Sikhs wrote to First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, urging Holyrood to outlaw buying sex."