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Wednesday 6 May, 2015

Dr Sally Bonnar, Convener of the Social Care Council, is in the Scotsman today writing about CrossReach's aims fight against inequality in all its manifestations across Scotland:

The success of a pioneering CrossReach dementia arts project operating across Scotland has been recognised with a major funding boost of £230,000.

The Presbytery Clerk of Lewis has responded to yesterday's sentencing of a pensioner who caused the death of Rev Thomas Sinclair in Edinburgh during last year's General Assembly. Church website Scotsman BBC Scotland

Tuesday 5 May, 2015

The Stornoway Gazette reports on the Moderators' Munro Challenge to raise funds for the emergency relief effort in Nepal:

The Herald, published in South Carolina, reports that First Presbyterian Church in Rock Hill held a ceremony to remind residents of their Scottish heritage, The Kirkin' o the Tartans. The paper reports:

"Besides the presence of the tartans, (Rev Larry) Duncan tried to make Sunday's service as Scottish as possible. Wearing his own clan's colors as a shawl, he based parts of the service on the Scottish Book of Order,and peppered the program with references to the Scottish Reformation of the16th and 17th centuries."

The Daily Star in Oneonta, New York, reports that the First Presbyterian Church in Delhi held a Scottish Festival to celebrate the church's heritage.

The Scotsman reports on the name-calling and threats dished out to Harry Potter author JK Rowling during the referendum campaign. The article reports that the Church of Scotland was one of several organisations to condemn the verbal abuse. Deadline News carries the same JK Rowling story and the church's condemnation.

Fresh Expressions website reports on the Moderator's call for a new way of doing mission. The article also gives details on the Fresh Expressions summer school to take place in Dundee this June.

And for history lovers Twitter user @KResearcher posted this photo of a Church of Scotland Mission Boys Brigade troupe in Kenya in 1918.

Monday 4 May, 2015

The Moderator's Munro challenge, which has raised almost $8,500 so far for Nepal earthquake victims continues to get press attention.

The Daily Record reported on the candlelight vigil held in Ediburgh for the victims of the Nepal earthquake. The story details efforts to raise money for the relief effort, including the Moderator's Munro challenge. ;"Rev Chalmers said: …tragically this very week in the mountains of Nepal a dire emergency has arisen and our good intention has now become an urgent cause. All the funds raised this Saturday on Ben Lomond are going directly to Christian Aid's Nepal Earthquake Appeal."

Church & Society Council member Rev Shuna Dicks has contributed a post to the Joint Public Issues Team blog on the theme of wellbeing. "I wanted to write about the fourth of our election topics – wellbeing – about picking up the baton ourselves," she writes. "What can we do, as the church, to support the common good? If trust in politics is tarnished, if justice seems hard to achieve and peace is something we continue to yearn for, what does the church do which makes a real difference to society?" Read more: ;

The Herald reports on the arrival of the new Royal baby, saying: "The Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland, Rt Rev John Chalmers, who is also a Chaplain to the Queen in Scotland said, "It is always a joy to welcome the safe arrival of a child. I'm sure that I speak for members of the Church of Scotland when I wish the Earl and Countess of Strathearn, their daughter and Prince George all the happiness in the world. They can be assured of our prayers and best wishes."

In a letter to The Herald Rev John M A Thomson writes about the Legal Committee's concerns about potential challenges to the church over its position on same-sex marriage under European Union law. The minister takes the view that, "the state cannot interfere with the church in matters of doctrine, worship, government and discipline…"

The Annual Report from the Church of Scotland's Unincorporated Councils and Committees has gone live on our website in a new user friendly format. Beautifully designed with the same theme as the Blue Book, the report shows how councils and committees expenditures furthered the goals of the church. Photos and graphics make it easy to see how your money supported campaigns, projects and events across Scotland and throughout the world.

Friday 1 May, 2015

Deadline News reports on the Moderator's Munro Challenge and the plan to send money raised to Nepal. "Rev Chalmers said: "I have spent my whole life telling people that I cannot explain why tragedy overtakes some and not others."

The Christian Institute writes about the General; Assembly report that questions whether the church's stance on same-sex marriage will bring legal challenges under European law.

In a letter to The Courier Thomas Michie says news of falling membership numbers doesn't reflect the reality on the ground. The church is there for everyone, he says.

The West Highland Free Press reports in its print edition that Rev John Murray has become minister to Kilmuir and Stenscholl in Skye— almost 67 years to the day after his father-in-law became minister to the parish.

Our own website reports that the Kirk's Leprosy Mission in Nepal needs help. Shovakhar Kandel, leader of The Leprosy Mission Nepal founded in 1874, was in Scotland to attend an international conference but will return to the mission's Anandaban Hospital – close to the epicentre of the quake – to help his colleagues.