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Friday 24 April, 2015

An article on the BBC Scotland website reports on protests outside Dungavel immigration removal centre after the Home Office refused entry to a TUC-led delegation including representatives from the Church of Scotland. Delegates want to assess the welfare of detainees.

Plans to charge for admission to Glasgow Cathedral have been set aside in the face of mounting opposition to the plan. More than 1700 people have signed a petition started by Kirk Session member Mary Thomson arguing that the free entry reflected "the humanity and warmth of a great city and country."

The Huffington Post reports on payday lending after payday lender Wonga posted a loss of £35 million. The article cites the Moderator's call for affordable credit options for those struggling to make ends meet.

Moderator Designate Rev Dr Angus Morrison appeared on BBC Radio Scotland's John Beattie show Thursday 23 April. He talked about his battle with cancer and said he feels privileged to be representing the church in the year ahead. (He speaks at 22:15)

This weekend the Moderator Designate will be appearing on BBC's Sunday Morning with... radio show. The show airs from 10am to 12 noon. Rev Dr Angus Morrison will be on at 11:45am.

The Courier reports on Life and Work's interview with Moderator Designate Rev Dr Angus Morrison under the headline, Churchman 'full of gratitude' to doctors after cancer scare. "In a moving interview in May's edition of Life and Work, the independent Church of Scotland magazine, Dr Morrison, who lives near Kinross, expressed regret he did not consult doctors sooner. He said: "I am a man who is very slow to go to the doctor with anything and I would just encourage anyone with worries about the same sort of thing to go as soon as possible and have it checked."

The STV website also reports in the Life and Work interview under the headline "Moderator Designate Rev Dr Angus is urging men to get checked for prostate cancer".

The Herald also carries the story with the headline, Kirk's next moderator encourages men to seek prostate cancer checks after recovering from the disease.

Thursday 23 April, 2015

Rev Doug McRoberts appeared on BBC Radio Scotland's Good Morning Scotland to talk about a Church of Scotland supported project he was involved in in Malta helping migrants who arrive on the island after crossing the Mediterranean. (1.55.44)

There is widespread coverage on Moderator-Designate Rev Dr Angus Morrison urging men to get checked for prostate cancer. BBC News website:, STV News:, The Herald:, Evening Times:

The convener of the Church and Society Council says it is 'deeply concerning' that the UK's biggest foodbank charity was used over a million times last year. Life and Work:

Wednesday 22 April, 2015

Third Force News reports on the Moderator's call for compassionate action to solve the migrant crisis. "One of the country's leading clergymen is calling on the UK government to take immediate action to solve Europe's migrant crisis."

The Herald also reports on the Moderators statement on the migrant crisis. "The Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland is urging the UK Government to take action to help solve the migrant crisis"

The East Lothian News reports that Rev Chris Knights, Church of Scotland community development officer for the Musselburgh parish, is organising polling day prayers for local residents of all faiths - and none - and all political persuasions.

The Guardian reports the Church of Scotland is among organizations that have been refused entry to Dungavel Detention Centre. "The Home Office has refused to allow religious and refugee representatives into the controversial Dungavel immigration centre in Scotland amid reports of detainees on hunger strike, it is claimed." The Scottish TUC has called for a protest outside the centre near Strathaven.

The Courier reports on falling Church of Scotland membership numbers, but includes clarification from the church. On the numbers it says, "Not one presbytery enjoyed growth in 2014 — over the course of a year the average Church of Scotland congregation is gaining three members but losing 20."

The Courier goes on to quote Very Rev David Arnott who says saying comments in the article bear little relation to reality. "He described the Church of Scotland as one of the country's "largest and most robust organisations" and said thousands of people attended church services and backed church initiatives without registering as members."

Tuesday 21 April, 2015

The Rev Shuna Dicks in Aberlour spoke passionately on BBCRadio Scotland's Call Kaye programme yesterday about the refugee crisis in theMediterranean, and her congregation's work in support of the Church of ScotlandGuild Project in Malta which supports migrants. You can hear her from 13.30 atthis link

During an election debate on BBC2's Scotland 2015, AngusRobertson, the SNP's Westminster leader cited the Church's opposition to nuclearweapons, saying: "I am on the same side as the Church of Scotland, the RomanCatholic church in Scotland, the voluntary sector and pretty much every opinionpoll showed that the majority in Scotland does not want Trident to be renewed." (starts 24:19)

The Edinburgh Evening News reports that MSPs are lookinginto improve access to Waverly station for people with disabilities and elderlytravellers. The station closed access to taxis, cars and cyclists last yearshortly after Rev Tom Sinclair, a Church of Scotland minister from Lewis, waskilled by a car backing up after being blocked by security barriers.

In a letter to The Herald Rev Catherine Collins responds toan article about the rising cost of weddings. That may be true for dresses,flowers,reception costs, she says, but Church of Scotland ministers officiate free ofcharge.