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The latest news on The Church of Scotland's work, events and activities from external media outlets.

Tuesday 3 February, 2015

The Church of Scotland is providing support to reliefefforts in Malawi which has suffered the most devastating floods in its  history.

The Scotsman has a beautiful obituary for former Church ofScotland minister and artist David Tindal Reid, who died on 23 December 2014aged 88.

Monday 2 February, 2015

The Herald has a piece on students and church leaders calling on the Scottish Government to take action to ensure that anti-terrorism measures planned by the Home Office do not limit freedom of speech north of the Border. The Church of Scotland described the legislation as "ill-advised ". (paywall)

For the past four years, the Reverend Scott Brown has presided over a sizeable parish made up of 77 vessels and all the souls of the Royal Navy. But now the chaplain of the fleet is retiring after 22 years of service, handing over the baton to the Venerable Ian Wheatley, an archdeacon of the Anglican faith.

Friday 30 January, 2015

Loanhead Parish Church has launched a fundraising campaign to upgrade a number of the kirk's facilities.

Rev Bryan Kerr is in The Sun today (print only) commenting on a proposal by the Burial and Cremation Review Group to introduce a new method for processing the remains of the deceased in an attempt to ease the burden on packed graveyards. Mr Kerr said: "The deceased must be treated with respect and care. Whatever method is used it is right that there is regulation and a public debate on such matters."

Thursday 29 January, 2015

A new apprentice chaplaincy programme is being created in a joint initiative between the Church of Scotland and Work Place Chaplaincy Scotland (WPCS). It comes as a series of events are being held in Edinburgh, Arbroath and Inverness to promote the chaplaincy service.