Honest Conversations: Mission and Belief in Dialogue


The Church continues to navigate its role and mission in an increasingly diverse Scotland and a changing world. This conference invites Church of Scotland leaders and members to discuss together the need for an honest approach to interfaith dialogue.

Panel discussions will explore theological and scriptural justification for dialogue as well as the meaning and significance of ‘Mission’ for each the Abrahamic faiths. Dr Ed Kessler MBE, Woolf Institute - Cambridge, will address the question of ‘what replaces replacement theology?’ and offer an approach from a Jewish perspective as to the significance of the belief that the Church replaced the Jews as the ‘New Israel’.

This day-long conference will encourage lively debate and a significant opportunity to learn and hear from representatives of other faiths in their own terms.


  • Rt Rev Dr Russell Barr
  • Dr Ed Kessler MBE University of Cambridge
  • Dr Amanullah De Sondy University College Cork, Ireland
  • Rev Dr Fran Henderson
  • Rev Dr Alison Jack University of Edinburgh

Event details

  • Cost: £20 - £30
  • Date: 20 April
  • Time: 9:30am to 4pm
  • Venue: Queen’s Park Church of Scotland 170 Queen’s Drive Glasgow, G42 8QZ

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