News and press releases

Susan MacFar

Sharing faith – ‘I’m able to see joy in all life’

28 April, 2017

This month’s sharing of faith comes from a young woman from North Lanarkshire who says it is important to support one another nurture Christian belief to “keep the light within us”.

Castlemilk Parish Church

First wedding held at new Glasgow church

25 April, 2017

A real community affair as new church in Glasgow holds first wedding.

Rev Martin Fair

New Speak Out video showcases church work on health and wellbeing

24 April, 2017

The Speak Out programme today highlighted some of the many ways in which Church of Scotland congregations are contributing to issues of health and wellbeing in their local communities. There are a huge variety of ideas out there, making a significant positive impact on the lives of many people- from the youngest to the oldest.

Dr Kessler and the Moderator

Interfaith conference hears from Jewish-Christian relations expert

24 April, 2017

Dr Ed Kessler an expert on Jewish- Christian relations, was the keynote speaker at an interfaith conference at Queens Park Church in Glasgow, Thursday 20 April.

Russell Barr

Moderator backs community hospital campaign

22 April, 2017

The Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland is backing ambitious plans to upgrade a north-east hospital.


Balfour Declaration - 100 years on

21 April, 2017

The General Assembly is being presented with a report which marks the 100th anniversary of the Balfour Declaration which outlined support for a Jewish homeland.

The General Assembly hall

Countdown is underway to the 2017 General Assembly

21 April, 2017

With the General Assembly just four weeks away, the Church of Scotland has published the Blue Book of reports to be discussed at the event. The annual gathering of the Church will bring more than 700 commissioners to the General Assembly Hall in Edinburgh to hear from councils and committees across the church. This year’s theme will be Word of Life, highlighting the beauty and power of language in sharing our faith.

Life and Work

The dawn of a new age for Life and Work

21 April, 2017

A new chapter opens today in the history of Life and Work, the 138-year-old magazine of the Church of Scotland.

Rt Rev Dr Russell Barr

Moderator welcomes attendees to interfaith conference

20 April, 2017

Rt Rev Dr Russell Barr welcomed more than 75 people to an interfaith conference at Queens Park church in Glasgow Thursday morning. 'Honest Conversations' is bringing together a line-up of influential scholars and theologians to lead a discussion on interfaith relations and the meaning of mission.