A New Year message from the Moderator

Rt Rev Dr Russell Barr wrote and recorded this special New Year's message to welcome 2017 and to wish us all a very good New Year.

Rt Rev Dr Russell Barr
Rt Rev Dr Russell Barr

Hogmanay and New Year

A time to ring out the old and ring in the new

Edinburgh city centre packed with New Year revellers.

The Rev I M Jolly’s cheerful New Year message – remember him – Rikki Fulton at his droll and lugubrious best.

Will your first foot be tall, dark and handsome – and will he bring some coal, some black bun and a wee dram to make sure your hearth will always be warm, your cupboard will never be bare, and the year will be full of good cheer.

All sorts of New Year traditions and customs!

So what does the New Year hold for you?

Whatever it brings, good or bad, the promise of the Christian faith is that you will never face it alone but always in the company of God, the God who watches over our going out and our coming it, the God who is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow, the God who came to live among us in Jesus of Nazareth and lives among us still.

So in the hope and promise of that faith let me wish you and yours a good New Year.