Countdown begins for online Advent calendar

A new online Advent calendar created by the Church of Scotland will bring the true spirit of Christmas to life with 25 days of special reflections, prayers and videos that tell the Nativity story through the eyes of characters from the Bible.

Advent calendar

Each day will bring a new chapter in the Nativity story told by Mary, Joseph, the shepherds, the innkeeper, and other key Biblical characters.

As well as specially written reflections and prayers the calendar will send you 10 video stories told by a selection of church figures from around Scotland including: Rev Doug Gay, Very Rev Dr Lorna Hood, Rev Douglas Galbraith, Rev Kay Brown, Rev Alasdair Duncan, Rev Shuna Dicks, Lyone Ibrahim and Phill Melstrom.

Everyone is invited to sign up to receive a daily email with a link to the latest window in the calendar.

Rt Rev Dr Derek Browning says the online calendar is an imaginative gift for church members and also for the many people who reconnect with the Church at Christmas time.

“There are many themes and strands in this most shining of faith stories. Each time we look at the Christmas story something different catches our attention,” Dr Browning says.

“There are so many different characters and we are left wondering about who they are, where they came from, what they represent, how they fit in to the bigger picture.

I hope people will enjoy engaging in and wondering with this year's Church of Scotland Advent calendar. Let each daily encounter draw you deeper into the mystery and joy of the promise of Jesus.”

Sign up now in the window above to receive an email alert when each Advent window opens to reveal a new reflection, prayer or video. And if you know anyone among your family or friends who would enjoy the calendar, please spread the word.