Good Money Week conference will look at faith and climate change

Does our money bankroll climate change or are our banks and pension funds helping solve the problem?

Rev Sally Foster Fulton
Rev Sally Foster Fulton will give the keynote speech at the Good Money week conference

Find answers and learn more about how to use your money to support your beliefs at the Church of Scotland’s annual Good Money Week conference to be held at St Andrews & St George’s West in Edinburgh on 12 October.

Dr Katherine Trebeck, a senior researcher at Oxfam will chair the event, which aims to offer information on sustainable and ethical finance and help people make good money choices.

Rev Sally Foster-Fulton, head of Christian Aid in Scotland and the keynote speaker at the event, will reflect on the theology of living out our faith through the way we use and share our resources.

The Big Shift

This year the conference will focus on the challenge of climate change, believed to be the reason why millions of people worldwide are increasingly at risk from extreme famines, droughts, floods and loss of land due to rising sea levels. Come along and find out how our faith and our money can work together.

Chris Hegarty, also from Christian Aid, will explain how The Big Shift campaign is tackling the problem through working with UK banks and asset managers to accelerate the move away from fossil fuel investments and toward sustainable alternatives.

Monica Middleton, from Oikocredit will share how its partnership of 800 social enterprises in 70 countries are empowering the most disadvantaged communities in the world. She’ll explain how Oikocredit, created in 1975 by the World Council of Churches, is an example of what Christians can do when we work together.

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Good Money Week 2017 will run from 8-14 October. Take this opportunity to find out how sustainable and ethical investment and finance can allow you to have a positive impact on the environment and society without sacrificing financial performance.

Find out more about how you can make a difference on the Good Money Week website.

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