Theologian outlines radical proposals for money and ministry

Doug Gay with George Whyte and Calum MacLeod
Doug Gay with George Whyte (left) and Calum MacLeod (right)

Theologian Rev Dr Doug Gay outlined a series of proposals to reshape minister recruitment, eldership and ordained ministry in his second of three Chalmers Lectures at St Giles’ Cathedral last night.

In front of a packed audience in Edinburgh, and with Church of Scotland Facebook users watching live online, the Glasgow University lecturer said the Church today had “to go further than we have gone until now, seeking a way forward that will not divide or destabilise the Church and will not leave our existing elders or ministers devalued.”

He called for the creation of commissioned elders, serving for only three years rather than for life , and emphasised the need to recruit a new generation of younger elders between now and 2030.

Last week's lecture, on the evolution of Presbyterianism in Scotland, can be viewed here.

The final lecture is on February 15 at St Giles' at 6.30pm. It is free to attend or you can watch live on Facebook.

It will outline proposals for radical structural reform of the Kirk in the next decade.

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