Nominations invited for the 2018 Moderator Designate

The committee elected to nominate the Moderator is now inviting recommendations for Moderator of the General Assembly 2018-2019.

Former Moderators
Former Moderators of the General Assembly pictured with Alison Murray (front row 4th left) who is retiring from her post as a senior administrator, where she has given invaluable assistance to numerous Moderators

Any member of the Church of Scotland may recommend a candidate for the role—using this form.

Nominees must be a minister, an elder or a deacon of the Church of Scotland.

Completed forms should be sent to Linda Jamieson by 18 August 2017. The committee expects to meet short-listed candidates in September, when they will have a conversation with prospective nominees before making a final choice.

The Moderator—who moderates, or chairs, the annual General Assembly—is nominated by a committee which consists of 15 representatives elected by the General Assembly. The Moderator must also be formally elected by commissioners at the start of the Assembly.

The honorary office is held for one year only. Following the week of the General Assembly, the Moderator acts as an ambassador for the Church of Scotland, frequently being invited to represent the Church at official events at home and abroad.

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Read more about the current Moderator, Right Rev Dr Derek Browning.