Why Believe? videos will share stories of faith

The Why Believe? Group is a part of the Church Without Walls group within the Mission & Discipleship Council, and exists to resource and encourage the church when it comes to explaining the reasoning behind our faith, as well as helping Christians gain confidence when it comes to sharing their faith with others. Robbie Morrison, who is our Mission and Development worker in the west of Scotland, explains more about the project.

Why Believe?

Over the past few months, the Why Believe? Group has been gathering together stories from around Scotland of what God has done in people’s lives.

A number of these stories have been filmed and produced into short 3-4 minute video clips, hearing from people of all generations and backgrounds, the impact that God has had in their own lives.

Beginning in mid- January 2017, these videos will be released on a monthly basis, through the Church of Scotland website as well as other Social Media platforms. The goal is not only to encourage those within the church, but also to offer hope to those who do not yet consider themselves to be Christian.

We want to show that God is real, relevant, and at work today in the lives of many people throughout Scotland.

The videos can be easily shared online, or used as part of a church’s Sunday worship service, as a way of encouraging the local church.

The stories we have gathered so far come from a range of ages and locations around Scotland.

We met Louise, a teenager from Wester Hailes, and heard the impact her local church youth pastor had on her, and how, through her relationship with God, her life has dramatically changed from constantly being in trouble with the police to now having a positive influence on other teenagers within the area.

We also heard from Ian in Arbroath who, through an invitation from a friend, came to church one Sunday morning and found that he was loved and accepted for who he was.

Then we have Michael in Perthshire who discovered that from one experience at a youth retreat when he was a young boy, he has dedicated his life to serving God in all that he has done.

These are just a few stories from people across the country, who have had their lives transformed through a personal relationship with God.

We are eager to hear from anyone who has a story of their own that they would like to share, and have set up a story submission page on our Resourcing Mission website.

If you have a story to share, or know somebody who does, please let us know. You can submit your story by following this link - https://www.resourcingmission.org.uk/mission/life-stories-100-encounters-jesus

Whether you have been a Christian for ten years or ten minutes, we would love to hear your story of how God has encountered you in your life.