Word of Life - the latest book in the Pray Now series - is published

Word of Life, the latest volume in the acclaimed Pray Now series is now available from St Andrew Press. Made up of 52 chapters written by talented contributors from across the Church of Scotland, Word of Life includes prayers for each season of our lives as well as reflections on how we pray in different situations.

Word of Life
Word of Life: Pray Now prayers, devotions, blessings and reflections on how we pray

Phill Melstrom, worship development worker for the Mission and Discipleship Council, helped produce the book and wrote some of the prayers.

“Each of the 52 sections has a meditation to inspire you, a morning prayer that you can use during your day, a more reflective evening prayer and a blessing for yourself and others,” he says.

“Word of Life is the theme of this year’s General Assembly so what we did was to organise the book around the different stages of life,” he says.

“Some of the prayers are designed to be used in some of life’s most difficult and challenging situations. We tried to give people something they can own, that can articulate what is in their hearts and in some way become more aware of God in that circumstance, and hopefully inspire people to pray.”

“It’s entirely up to you how you use it. We hope this is something you can use in any situation.

The book will appeal to ministers, elders and worship leaders, as well as anyone involved in pastoral care, but it is really intended for all church members to dip into and use.

The prayers follow the human life cycle from conception and birth to later life and our last words. The section on ‘How we Pray’ includes discussions of prayer through conflict, prayer with children, and praying prophetically to name just a few.

Word of Life

Also this year, Phill says, a larger group of people from different parts of the church took part in the writing.

“The writing group represents a broad section of the Church of Scotland, and there is a wonderful mix of styles and approaches to prayer and worship as well as of different writing styles.”

That mix includes everyone from former moderators, such as Very Rev Dr Angus Morrison and Very Rev Dr David Lunan; to Rev Professor Andrew McGowan; Place for Hope Director, Rev Ruth Harvey; Rev Dr Fyfe Blair; Rev Scott Mckenna; Rev Scott McRoberts; Church and Society Vice-Convener Wendy Young; Moderator Designate Rev Dr Derek Browning and other accomplished writers.

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