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Lambrigg wind farm
Lambrigg wind farm by Alistair on Flickr.

John Cunningham, Head of the Energy Unit in the Western Isles, will speak out in support of Green Energy incentives as one way to solve fuel poverty at 'Can we Address Fuel Poverty and Respond to Climate Change?' a church-sponsored event at Edinburgh Science Festival on Wednesday April 6.

One of three experts who will speak at the event, Mr Cunningham will argue that increased support for wind energy, for example, could help reduce fuel poverty in Lewis, where official figures show 63 percent of residents can't always afford to heat their homes. Book now to reserve your seat.

Mr Cunningham said:

"The only solution is to generate our own green energy. We are waiting for the connector to the national grid which is due in 2020. And we have to have renewable incentives to build wind farms on the island."

The event will be chaired by Sarah Boyack, the former Minister for the Environment, Planning and Transport in the Scottish Executive and current Labour spokesperson for environmental justice.

The other speakers are:

Shona Stephen, chief executive of Queen's Cross Housing Association, who will share proven ways to boost energy efficiency while at the same time reducing costs for low-income renters.

Elizabeth Leighton, policy advisor and secretariat to the Existing Homes Alliance Scotland, who will introduce us to the National Infrastructure Priority, explaining what the Scottish Government can do to make lasting change. Ms Leighton said:

"No one should be living in a cold and draughty home by 2025. It's not a choice between addressing fuel poverty OR climate change. We can and must do both by transforming our housing into warm, affordable to heat and low carbon homes.

"This is about achieving climate justice and social justice at home as well as abroad."

What: Can we Address Fuel Poverty and Respond to Climate Change? A Church of Scotland-sponsored event at Edinburgh International Science Festival.

When: 8-9:30 pm on Wednesday 6 April, 2016.

Where: Main Hall, Summerhall, Summerhall Place, Edinburgh, EH9 1PL

Book now to reserve your seat.