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MSPs reminded of the importance of the task before them by Church leader

The poorest and most vulnerable in society must be at the forefront of decisions made by MSPs at Holyrood.

Pledge for peace in Pakistan following Bin Laden death

Church offers prayers for Christians in Pakistan fearing reprisals.

Love never dies in a Place for Hope, the Moderator’s Easter Message

Easter is a Place for Hope, says Right Rev John Christie.

Calls for cultural change in tackling Scotland's poverty

Poverty Truth Commission launches report challenging government.

Call to Scottish Government

Poverty Truth Commission calls on the Scottish Government to include people from the nation’s most deprived areas in shaping anti-poverty policy.

Life and Work: Championing Parish Ministry

The Moderator-Designate to the Church of Scotland General Assembly 2011 outlines his priorities for the coming year.

Webmaster reveals how the Internet is a large surfeit of information at Science Talk

Former Director of the Society Religion and Technology Project will talk at the Edinburgh International Science Festival about the impact of the web.

Fife Churches to read King James Bible in a week

Largo and Newburn Parish Church and Largo St David’s will attempt to read all 66 Books in seven days.

Moderator heads to the Highlands

Cairngorm Mountain Rescue Centre is one of the places the Moderator will see on a visit to Abernethy showing the importance that the Church of Scotland attaches to all areas of life.

Not everyone is party to electioneer manifestos

Call to all political parties to make their manifestos available to everyone.

Church leader questions seriousness of Coalition in tackling child poverty

Senior Church minister calls on Coalition to be serious about challenging child poverty.

It makes sense to complete the census say Church Leaders

The Moderator joins senior Church leaders in saying completing the census will enable churches to better help future congregations.

Launch of the Churches Vote Initiative

Media Calling Notice: Launch of the Churches Vote initiative, Tuesday 22 March

Life and Work: An Easter Gift

The April edition of Life and Work, the Church of Scotland magazine is now out, and looks at the meaning of the Resurrection

Excellence Award for Threshold Edinburgh

One of CrossReach’s services for people with learning disabilities is being presented with the prestigious Customer Service Excellence Award.

CrossReach welcomes new Government fund

New money to help improve the lives of Scotland's most vulnerable children is welcomed.

Report into Child Sex Trafficking a “wake-up” call to everyone in Scotland

Church convener says it is up to everyone to speak up on behalf of those whose voicees have been silenced.

Church project sponsors play with a certain gravity

The Church's Society, Religion and Technology Project sponsors play about Sir Isaac Newton.

Church condemns murder of Shahbaz Bhatti

Church of Scotland condemns murder of Shahbaz Bhatti and calls for Pakistan Government to increase protection of Christians

Church responds on Aberdeen City Council claims

THE Church of Scotland has today hit back at the leader of Aberdeen City Council after a stinging attack on the church claiming it deserved an ASBO for being a “bad neighbour” to the local authority.