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Moderator’s hopes of the 'Spirit of Assisi'

28 October, 2011

The Church of Scotland's Moderator the Right Reverend David Arnott joined some 300 religious leaders representing a rainbow of faiths to the hilltop town of Assisi to commemorate the 25th anniversary on Thursday of a ...

The Moderator on a Chance to Thrive

25 October, 2011

An opinion piece from the Moderator of the General Assembly of The Church of Scotland, Right Reverend David Arnott on a Chance to Thrive.

Pray it forward

4 October, 2011

Pray it forward is a new resource from the Mission and Discipleship Council that aims to help individuals and congregations find ways of talking to and about God.

CrossReach announces residential schools study

3 October, 2011

Scotland's largest voluntary social care organisation has announced a five-year joint study with Strathclyde University into the effectiveness of residential schools for vulnerable youngsters.

Pray now!

29 September, 2011

Pray Now is a popular annual collection of modern prayers for all, whatever their denomination - by individuals, prayer groups and leaders of worship. It offers a place to start when you feel you have ...

9/11 message from the Moderator

11 September, 2011

Ten years on since the attack on the Twin Towers we live in a much changed world. The old securities we once relied on now seem to have gone.

Call for clear labelling

18 August, 2011

Church and Society Convener, Rev. Ian Galloway, is calling for leading supermarket chains to actively consider their ethical and corporate responsibilities ensuring consumers can make an informed choice about the products they buy. ...

Local ecumenism

26 July, 2011

The ecumenical autumn conference, local ecumenism, is just around the corner. Register early to avoid disappointment.