Church called to challenge poverty

Priority Areas

Congregations of the Church of Scotland are being asked to think, pray and act to challenge poverty this Sunday, February 15.

The call to members of the Church to focus on issues of poverty, inequality, justice and hope follows a report made to the 2014 General Assembly on the impact of welfare reforms on poorer people, and what measures local churches are taking to respond to social need.

The Church of Scotland has for many years identified a Gospel bias to the poor and has directed work and resources to be focused on working alongside the most deprived parishes in Scotland. Along with ecumenical, interfaith and civic partners, the Church of Scotland has supported the work of Scotland'sPoverty Truth Commission, which helps bring together political decision makers with people who have direct experience of living in poverty.

This coming Sunday February 15 churches across the country are encouraged to include prayers and information about action to challenge poverty. It's about justice, as well as charity.

Every day this week people living in some of Scotland's poorest neighbourhoods are sharing their stories of hope and love on the Priority Areas blog on the Church of Scotland website.

On Monday we heard from William, who spoke of the importance of never giving up on yourself.

On Tuesday Jackie wrote of her experience of hunger and how this helps to shape her outlook on what is valuable in life.

Worship, prayer, advocacy and further resources have been published by Church Action on Poverty.

There are a number of ways this material can be used throughout the worshipping life of the church. Visit the Starters for Sunday section for more inspiration.