Go For It Funding – A Week of Inspiration

Liberton Vaulters is just one example of a Go For It funded project which is making a difference. They received a Pilot Grant of £5000 to help increase confidence among young people.© Andy O’Brien Photography

The Church of Scotland's Go For It Fund gives away over a million pounds each year to encourage and support imaginative projects in local communities .

This remarkable resource can be worth up to £90 000 to successful applicants over a 3 year period. Since being established in 2012, the Go For It Team has assembled a wealth of experience, which they are sharing in a week of blogs designed to inspire and encourage more people to benefit from the fund. The blogs will start after Easter weekend, on Tuesday 7th April on the Church website, and will be shared on social media.

Liberton Vaulters is just one example of a Go For It funded project which is making a difference. They received a Pilot Grant of £5000 to help increase confidence among young people.

Go For It Fund Convener Rev Rolf Billes, minister at Colinton in Edinburgh, wants the blogs to stimulate more churches to develop their own innovative community projects:

Have you ever been in the position of identifying a need in your community and wondering how you might respond? Or seen something that needed done and felt helpless in the face of seemingly insurmountable obstacles? If you recognise yourself in the above scenarios, then you are among a growing number of individuals and groups for whom the time has come to make a difference. In rediscovering the power of community action, you too can embark on an exhilarating journey from recognising the needs around you, to putting your dreams and ideas into practice.

The Go For It Fund was established with funding provided by the Ministries Council. There is an enthusiastic team to guide you, and an ever growing network of people across the country who've successfully applied to the Fund and are willing to share their knowledge and expertise. The support is there, for you and your congregation to start on what could turn out to be a life-changing journey for your community.

To help you get going and light a spark that fires the imagination, there is already a Go For It blog which raises awareness of community issues, and tells stories of the creative ways these issues are being addressed. In this special week of Go For It blog posts starting on Tuesday 7th April, you will have the opportunity to hear from five people about the exciting work that takes place up and down the country. They each have stories of work enabled through Go For It funding: meeting identified needs in the community; nurturing faith within and beyond the church; tackling poverty and social injustice; developing new Christian communities and working in innovative ways".

 Go For It Fund Convener Rev Rolf Billes © Andy O’Brien Photography

Rolf and the Go For It Team have already seen a large increase in the number of applications to the Fund. They hope that by the end of their blogging week, more people will feel confident enough to get in touch and make successful applications in future funding rounds, with small grants of up to £5000 being considered every month. Rolf says: "Who knows, one day soon it may be your story that is featured as one of our success stories. Imagine the domino effect!"

In this season of Easter, as we celebrate new life, the homepage of the Church of Scotland's website will feature the "Go For It Blog – A Week of Inspiration" icon. When you click on the icon, it will take you to an inspirational post for the day, focusing on how Go For It projects are meeting one of the Fund's five criteria.

If you are inspired by the posts you read over the week, the Go For It Fund maintains a regular blog. To sign up to a blog distribution list, and continue to receive a little bit of inspiration each Monday morning, please e-mail: goforit@churchofscotland.org.uk