Moderator promotes religious tolerance during mosque visit

Imam- Moderator
Imam Habib ur Rahman and Rt Rev John Chalmers

The Moderator of the General Assembly promoted the importance of religious tolerance during a visit to Glasgow Central Mosque.

Rt Rev John Chalmers was a guest as part of Islam Awareness Week (IAW) where he met with Imam Habib ur Rahman, members of the Mosque management and members of IAW coordination committee.

Mr Chalmers said: "At a time when so many Christians across the world are being persecuted and brutalized it is important to foster good relations with the Muslim community in Scotland.

"The faith leaders of Scotland have to be united in their condemnation of violence and in their vigilance against the radicalization of impressionable young people."

Mr Chalmers took the opportunity to encourage tolerance and understanding across faiths. He referred to the fact that historically Scotland has been hospitable to people of other faiths and he set out the hope that welcome and acceptance should be the hallmark of every nation.

President of Glasgow Central Mosque, Dr Asid Khan, said: "It is always a pleasure to host The Church of Scotland. We hope to work together to bring about positive changes, both through grassroots projects and through informed voting in the elections in May 2015. The faith communities in Scotland are a true example of how in religion, we all propagate respect and love for mankind. Our faith, practiced properly, will unite our communities."

Dr Aman Durrani, from Islam Awareness Week Scotland (IAWS), said: "We are delighted and honoured that Rt Rev John Chalmers joined us today to celebrate and support Islam Awareness Week Scotland. It is a week which highlights the common shared values the community of Scotland have, irrespective of faith.

"The theme of IAWS this year is 'Give a Little of Yourself' and is about raising awareness of the value of giving time to the community to help others. Whether this is by donating blood, registering as an organ donor or cleaning the streets of Glasgow to feeding the needy - the message is clear. Only by giving a little of yourself to nurture the community we live in can we provide a safe and secure society for us and for future generations to come."