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360 project

The Church of Scotland has teamed up with Glasgow-based 360 Degree Production Company MB Design to produce a series of stunning full spectrum photos which allow Facebook users to immerse themselves in the beautiful surroundings of churches across the country.

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The Mission and Discipleship Council's Committee on Church Art and Architecture advises and regulates the development of buildings to meet new needs and circumstances in partnership with the General Trustees.

Areas of work

The Committee advises congregations and presbyteries regarding the most appropriate way of carrying out renovations, alterations and reordering of interiors, having regard to the architectural quality of Church buildings. It also advises on the installation of stained glass, tapestries, memorials, furniture and furnishings, and advice on repair, maintenance or renewal of organs.

Any alteration in the exterior or interior of a Church building which affects it appearance must be referred to the Committee for approval, preferably at an early stage. Members of the Committee are prepared, when necessary, to visit churches and meet office-bearers with the services offered by the Committee free of charge.

The Committee seeks the conservation of the nation's heritage as expressed in its Church buildings, whilst at the same time helping to ensure that these buildings continue to serve the worship and witness of the Church in the present day.

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CARTA Information Leaflets

A series of information pamphlets are available to download below. If you would prefer a hard copy, please email

CARTA quick guides

  • Access for all - This Access for All Quick Guide provides information on some of the issues you may have ensuring that your church is accessible to all.
  • Audio visual - This Audio Visual Quick Guide has been produced for those considering an audio visual system.
  • Church lighting - This Church Lighting Quick Guide has been provided to assist churches looking to make changes to their lighting.
  • Organs and Musical Instruments - This Organs and Musical Instruments Quick Guide has been produced to provide information on the use of organs in churches.
  • Reordering Church Interiors - This Reordering Church Interiors Quick Guide has been prepared to give information on making changes to Church interiors.
  • Sacramental Vessels - This Sacramental Vessels Quick Guide provides advice on the disposal or storage of sacramental items.
  • Storage of Sacramental Vessels - This Storage of Sacramental Vessels Quick Guide provides information on how communion ware can be stored safely.
  • Dementia Friendly Church Buildings - This Quick Guide has been written by Professor June Andrews to help make your church building dementia friendly.

Energy Issues

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