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A series of information pamphlets are available to download below. If you would prefer a hard copy, please email

CARTA quick guides

  • Access for all - This Access for All Quick Guide provides information on some of the issues you may have ensuring that your church is accessible to all.
  • Audio visual - This Audio Visual Quick Guide has been produced for those considering an audio visual system.
  • Church lighting - This Church Lighting Quick Guide has been provided to assist churches looking to make changes to their lighting.
  • Organs and Musical Instruments - This Organs and Musical Instruments Quick Guide has been produced to provide information on the use of organs in churches.
  • Reordering Church Interiors - This Reordering Church Interiors Quick Guide has been prepared to give information on making changes to Church interiors.
  • Sacramental Vessels - This Sacramental Vessels Quick Guide provides advice on the disposal or storage of sacramental items.
  • Storage of Sacramental Vessels - This Storage of Sacramental Vessels Quick Guide provides information on how communion ware can be stored safely.
  • Dementia Friendly Church Buildings - This Quick Guide has been written by Professor June Andrews to help make your church building dementia friendly.

Energy Issues

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