Ministries resources

These resources are provided for those involved in the ministries of the Church.

Postgraduate Study

There are courses currently on offer at Edinburgh and Glasgow.

The American Memorial Chapel Travel Grant

This is a grant available to members of the clergy of all denominations to fund travel to the United States. Travel might be undertaken to complete some research, gain some practical experience or share ideas and make useful contacts. The criteria are quite general and the panel is simply looking for applicants with projects that will make an impact. The grant is being administered by Ripon College Cuddesdon and the following link takes you to their website where there is information about the grant and an application can be downloaded. There are some difficulties with the website at present. Documents below explain the process of application.

Study leave forms for Ministers

Study leave application forms

Study leave claim forms

If you have queries regarding study leave, email Isobel Armstrong-Frost at

Appraisal forms

These appraisal forms and guidance notes are for use by teams which include Ministries Council Presbytery and Parish Workers. The appraisal process should not be undertaken until the relevant training has been received.

Candidates, probationers and supervisors

You can download handbooks and reporting forms for candidates and probationers in a range of ministries of the Church of Scotland.


Reporting forms

OLM: probationers

Candidate and Probationer Reporting Forms

Full-time Word and Sacrament portfolio


Ordained local ministry


Interim Moderators and nominating committees

Information for interim Moderators and nominating committees appointed to assist in filling a vacant charge.

Manse condition schedule

The manse condition schedule, along with guidelines and regulations for manses, is for assisting congregations in keeping up to date with the maintenance and repair of manses. More information about manses is in our Building and property resources.


The handbook for those training for the ministry of readership includes information on the role of readers, training for the role and presbytery responsibilities.

Accompanied Review

The Accompanied Review process helps those engaged in the ministries of the Church to review their experiences.

Ordained Local Minister Review Template Form and  Guidelines

Interim Ministries