Stewardship Resources

There are a number of resources available to download from this page to assist your congregation with Stewardship. These include gift aid, worship, planning guides and posters.

For Treasurers, you can find more information on finance resources.

Downloadable Resources

To download your resources highlight the title of the resources below and the available resources will appear. Click on the resource that you require and you can download it.

Raising Funds Resources

This section explores ways through which we can make gifts as individuals. In the coming months we will further explore how you can give to your congregation or other missions as you live your daily life. For instance, as you shop.

Many of you reading this have experienced giving an offering at a church that you are visiting, at your own church or towards a good cause.

We see stewardship as a way of living which honors God by recognising that everything we have belongs to Him and we are called to good stewards of these. This could be giving God a proportion of our money, time and talents.