Linus Malu

Linus Nnabuike Malu

Linus Nnabuike Malu is originally from Nigeria. He studied law in Nigeria, Costa Rica, and has just finished his PhD in Australia. He has worked for several years as a Legal Practitioner, and as the Project Coordinator of the Pan African Strategic and Policy Research Group (PANAFSTRAG), coordinating the implementation of several policy research projects on peace, development, human rights and access to justice in several countries in Africa.

Linus is going to be working with the Church and Society Programme in The Synod of Livingstonia in Malawi, where he will head the legal team.  He will be ensuring access to justice for the local community, working with paralegals to build capacity and ensuring the people at grassroots understand their rights.  He will also be responsible for the drop in centre at Mzuzu.

Linus is married to Ngozi and they have 3 children - Oluomachukwu, Tobechukwu and Chizaram.

David and Rebecca Morton

David and Rebecca Morton

David and Rebecca come from missionary and Scottish heritage and have previously worked in Uganda and Malawi. They are American by nationality.

David now works as a doctor at the hospital with an emphasis on medicine and paediatrics, and also helps to supervise the primary health care, and HIV and Aids programmes. Rebecca supports David and helps in the hospital.

They have two grown up sons, Philip and Sam.

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