The spread of Presbyterianism in Asia began in the 18th century with Dutch colonisation followed by the 19th century influence of British India. Scottish missionaries played an important role in spreading Christianity throughout Asia, as well as supporting the work of the Presbyterian Church of USA in the region.

Throughout our Asia pages you will see a wide variety of partnerships some of which are historic and some that are more contemporary. For many of our partners in Asia they are living as minority Christians in challenging situations; however, they display a wealth of cultural diversity and a common desire to proclaim the Christian Gospel and support their communities.

If you are interested in finding out more about one of our partners or exploring the opportunities of twinning with a congregation in Asia please get in touch and/or visit our Twinning page. You can also help support the Church of Scotland HIV Programme, which supports many projects across Asia by visiting our HIV Programme pages.

There are also Asia resources so that your congregation can hold a 'China Evening' or a 'Christians Living in Minority Situations' event or service to get to know our partners better.