Communication resources

Why is the media important?

Good news stories help raise the profile of the Church and show how Christians are making an enormous contribution to local communities across the country.

Most communities have at least one local newspaper and/or local radio station where there are news reporters who will be interested in stories and events connected to your church.

What makes a good news story?

  • Something that affects a lot of people, or is moving, funny, out of the ordinary, brand new or particularly impressive
  • Be objective: if you would read this story perhaps other people would enjoy it too

Take a look at these recent examples of stories from local ministers and congregations

What to do if the media contacts you

Social media

Social media is a great way to build a sense of community and help people stay up to date with news.

Read our guidelines for churches using social media


A good photo can make or break a story.

Website policy

Our Church of Scotland website policy sets out the best practice for content, images, our brand, and who is responsible for content quality on the website.

Website style guide

We want to make sure that content on the site is clear, useful and accessible. This guide will help you create engaging content and addresses common questions about capitalisation, spellings and style.

More help

If you require further advice then please get in touch with our team.