Church and Society Council

Our remit

The Church and Society Council's remit is to engage on behalf of the Church in the national, political and social issues affecting Scotland and the world today. This includes a huge range of issues including human rights, asylum, ethics, science and technology, concerns about gambling, climate change and education issues. It aims to do this through the development of theological, ethical and spiritual perspectives when formulating policy and by effectively representing the Church by offering appropriate and informed comments.

The council is also charged with building, establishing and maintaining a series of networks and relationships with leaders and key people in society and engaging in longer-term dialogue and the exchange of ideas with them.

The council is committed to supporting the local church in its mission and its own engagement with influence-shapers in society by providing a range of resources on a range of contemporary issues.

Some of the work and issues in which the Council has been involved are included in the Summary of Selected Issues, which can be downloaded at the side.

Our work

  • Politics and government - engaging with the UK and Scottish parliaments
  • International affairs and peacekeeping - responding to international affairs and working towards peace worldwide
  • Education - involved with social and moral education issues and religious observance in schools
  • Social issues - responding to issues affecting peoples' lives such as addictions, health, criminal justice
  • Poverty and economics - raising issues about how poverty and economic policies can affect lives
  • Social equality - supporting racial justice and human rights
  • Care for the Earth - responding to the global challenge of climate change and promoting a more equitable and sustainable use of energy
  • Ethics in Science - debating ethics and moral concerns arising from developments in science and technology

We also support different campaigns and initiatives, and produce a wide range of information and resources to enable congregations to be involved.

Our membership

The council has 30 members. The convener is Rev Dr Richard Frazer. The Council Secretary is Rev Dr Martin Johnstone.

Contact for more information

Email us at or contact us at the Church's offices in Edinburgh.