Mission and Discipleship Council

As of 1 January, Mission and Discipleship Council has merged with Ministries Council to form the provisionally named Faith Nurture Forum. The creation of the new forum was approved by the Commission of Assembly in November 2019 and is part of a restructuring plan meant to deliver a leaner, more efficient Church.

The Faith Nurture Forum will be led by Convener Rev Rosie Frew, Vice-convener Rev Dr Karen Campbell, and Interim Head Rev Angus Mathieson. Conveners, vice-conveners, and forum members have all been appointed on an interim basis until the General Assembly in May, at which time the Nomination Committee will bring forward nominees for these roles. Heads of forums have been appointed on an interim basis until the summer.

The Mission and Discipleship Council resources God's people in the Church of Scotland in their worship, witness, mission and discipleship.

The Council's aim is to focus its work around discipleship; the following six characteristics have been identified to help the Council in this exercise:

  • Faith as a journey of discovery: How we listen to and learn from God as we seek to grow closer to God
  • Understanding who we are: Living life in all its fullness through understanding how God sees us and how God wants to use us
  • Whole life worship: How we worship God with all our heart, soul, strength and mind, both in times of worship and beyond
  • Prayer: How our journey of faith is shaped by listening to and conversing with God
  • Being a servant: How we go about loving our neighbour, inside and outside our Church community
  • Discipling one another: How we shape others', and our own, faith journey through: being intentional about discipleship; sharing our faith; evangelising; connecting with those in our community; journeying with others

The aim of our work is to stimulate and support presbyteries and congregations to:

  • reflect critically on our practice and places of worship, and bring about creative change
  • communicate the good news of Christ's message
  • engage in mission beyond our walls
  • nurture in all a discipleship of learning and service
  • have a renewed vision that understands what it is to be the body of Christ through the Holy Spirit

Connect, Resource and Inspire

The Council will resource, connect and inspire the local Church. We hope to create supportive networks, to share stories, and examples of exciting work, as well as developing authentic resources, and signposting other resources, to help meet local needs in furtherance of the above.

It is the Council's prayer in all of this that the Church at all levels is inspired; that faithful disciples will grow in faith, following Jesus in body, mind and spirit, sharing their faith within the Church and beyond its walls, engaging as God's people in the world.

Resourcing Mission Website

The work of the Council is characterised by events, publications and online resources, available to all congregations of the Church. We equip individuals for leadership and provide tools to explore what it means to be a Christian today and how to give expression to the faith within us. An extensive range of these resources can be found elsewhere on the Church of Scotland website and also on www.resourcingmission.org.uk

E-news is our regular information update through a monthly newsletter which allows you to focus quickly on your area of interest and need. Sign up for the Resourcing Mission newsletter.

Who delivers this focus?

The work of the Council is serviced by staff teams comprising of team leaders, development workers and development assistants. The work comprises three areas; Congregational Learning, Church Without Walls and Resourcing Worship.

Congregational Learning

Congregational Learning encourages continuing Christian development and aim to support the maturity, growth and equipping of disciples. Through learning in congregations, signposting of resources, online facilities, regional and national gatherings we will nurture an ethos of faith seeking understanding that empowers all in the Church to grow in Christ as we worship, learn and serve together.

The following areas describe our work:

  • Leadership development, e.g. Session Clerks Conference and specific resources for Elders
  • Shaping church life to include those living with Learning Disabilities.
  • Enabling the young people in our church to contribute to decision making through involvement in the National Youth Assembly and taking the role of General Assembly Youth Representatives
  • Nurturing learning and discipleship of adults, e.g. through the Learn publications and online facilities
  • Nurturing learning and discipleship of children and those working with children and young people
  • Specific support to congregations in rural communities

Church Without Walls

The team helps congregations engage meaningfully with their communities, share the Christian story with confidence, and respond creatively to shifting cultural trends. Find out more about Church Without Walls.

The team work in collaboration with Ministries Council, we are in partnership with Fresh Expressions.

Resourcing Worship

Resourcing Worship helps to provide a focus for worship resources and works with congregations to develop worship locally while helping to identify the emerging patterns of spirituality and prayer for today.

The Resourcing Worship produces weekly resources for the support of those who are engaged in the leadership and development of worship in congregations.

Visit our worship section for resources including Common Order, music for worship, prayer and Conversations in Worship.


Responsible for the church's award-winning magazine, Life and Work, the Kirk's publishing house Saint Andrew Press, and the Scottish Storytelling Centre.

CARTA: Committee on Church Art and Architecture

The Committee advises and assists congregations when carrying out renovations, alterations and reordering of interiors, installing of stained glass, tapestries, memorials, furniture and furnishings and developing their building for worship.

For queries relating to Church art and architecture or worship and doctrine visit the CARTA section of the website or email us at gentrustees@churchofscotland.org.uk.

Scottish Storytelling Centre

The Scottish Storytelling Centre is the home of Scotland's stories.

The Centre is the ideal place to:

  • Discover live spoken storytelling
  • Develop your own storytelling skills
  • Find out more about storytelling in your area

Tel: 0131 556 9579

Email: reception@scottishstorytellingcentre.com


Our membership

The convener of the Faith Nurture Forum (previously the Mission and Discipleship Council) is Rev Rosie Frew. The vice-convener is Rev Dr Karen Campbell and the Interim Head is Rev Angus Mathieson.

Contact for all staff, resources or more information

Email: faithnurture@churchofscotland.org.uk
Phone: 0131 225 5722 (Ask for Faith Nurture Forum)
Faith Nurture Forum
Church of Scotland
121 George Street