Communications Department

The Communications Department is responsible for liaising with the media, design services, social media and the Church's website.

Media team

The Communications Department media team facilitates quick and effective liaison between the Church and the print and broadcast media.

The team respond to numerous phone calls daily from journalists looking for information or comments about Church-related subjects and matters of national or international importance. News releases are issued throughout the year to newspapers, magazines, television newsrooms and radio stations on a range of topics, current issues or news items.

The team also offers guidance and support on proactive and reactive media work to ministers and Church officials.

Design team

Our in-house designers provide a high-quality design, layout and print management service to the Church of Scotland, producing many of its publications, leaflets and magazines.

Web team

The web team is responsible for maintaining and developing the Church's main website, and updating the information which comes from the Church's councils, committees and departments.