General Trustees

The Church of Scotland General Trustees form a statutory corporation set up in 1921 to hold properties and investments for the Church as a whole.

St Matthews in Perth
Since St Matthew’s Perth reopened at the end of 2016 after a £875,000 refubishment, its flexible and accessible new sanctuary has hosted conferences, community concerts, photographic exhibitions and many funerals and weddings as well as busy Sunday services

The General Trustees are charged with ensuring church buildings and funds are managed in the best interest of the Church as a whole and in support of parish ministry. The Pro-Tem Chair is Rev Fiona Mathieson.

What do the General Trustees do?

The General Trustees offer practical advice and guidance on maintaining and improving Church properties, manses and glebes. They produce guides and information to help congregations look after their properties. The General Trustees can also offer a limited amount of financial aid to congregations facing expenditure on their buildings. Find out more about looking after church buildings.

Who can be a General Trustee?

General Trustees are appointed by the General Assembly and must be either ministers or elders of the Church of Scotland. While there is no fixed number of trustees, normally there are around 36, of which just over a third are ministers. The elders can come from all walks of life but tend to be accountants, architects, lawyers and surveyors.

Meetings of the trustees and their executive committees are usually held monthly and trustees also are required to make frequent visits to parishes and presbyteries.

Committee Conveners

  • Fabric Committee: Michael J P Cunliffe
  • Glebes Committee: Mr William M Lawrie
  • Finance and Resources Committee: Mr Alan Kennedy
  • Audit and Assurance Committee: Mr Nigel W Hicks
  • Presbytery Strategy & Innovation Committee: Mr David Menzies
  • Safe Buildings Committee: Mr A Graham Biggerstaff

Contact the Trustees

If you need more information about the work of the General Trustees please contact the Chief Executive, Mr Barri Millar, by email at

For specific questions you can also contact:

  • Glebes: Morag Menneer or Claire Cowell
  • Fabric matters: Neil Page and Brian Waller
  • Energy Conservation Scheme:
  • Health and Safety: Brian Auld

All can be contacted by emailing or at the Church's offices in Edinburgh.

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