Faith Nurture Forum

As part of a restructuring plan meant to deliver a leaner, more efficient Church, the former Ministries and Mission and Discipleship councils were combined to form the Faith Nurture Forum.

In its report to the 2020 General Assembly, the Faith Nurture Forum proposed the following priorities:

  • Education and training
  • Presbytery Planning
  • Finding and supporting new ways of being Church

Education and training

In order to thrive, the Church must equip inspirational leaders and disciples to support the Faith Action Plan outlined in the report of the Assembly Trustees. To this end, the Forum is exploring an integrated programme of recruitment, education, training and development in order to nurture and prepare God's people in delivering the Church's mission. This goes beyond ministers and includes those working in pastoral care, deacons, readers and anyone else who is confident and eager to share their faith.

Presbytery planning and new ways of being Church

The nature of church is changing, and while in some areas church attendance and community support remains robust, in other areas new ways must be found to reach new members. The Faith Nurture Forum is working to develop networks of learning communities, Fresh Expression incubators, hubs and multidisciplinary teams to explore new ways of being Church. These communities will work across generations and consider lessons recently learned about online and digital worship, and how best to support churches in their use of technology.


Convener: Rev Rosie Frew

Vice-convener: Rev Dr Karen Campbell

Partnership Development Secretary: Rev Angus Mathieson