Safe recruitment

The Protecting Vulnerable Groups Scheme (PVG Scheme) is about making sure that those working with vulnerable groups are safe to do so.

PVG Scheme video

All volunteers and paid staff engaged in regulated work with the Church of Scotland, and as defined in schedules 2 and 3 of the Protection of Vulnerable Groups (Scotland) Act 2007 must become members of the PVG scheme. The following PVG Scheme video is about successfully completing the forms and avoiding common errors that cost time and money. It is primarily aimed at Church of Scotland Safeguarding Coordinators but applicants, and others organisations, should find it helpful too.

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PVG Scheme current guidance and forms

Guidance on Basic Disclosure

Forms for recruiting Safeguarding Coordinators and volunteers

Boys' Brigade Leader Registration Forms

Boys’ Brigade Leader Registration Form (LREG1) is the Boys Brigade application form and should be completed as per the guidance on the form for any new Boys’ Brigade Leader.

Boys Brigade Leader Re-Registration Form (LREG2) is completed by Leaders every 5 years. This form will be completed by Safeguarding Coordinators during retrospective checking as the Boys’ Brigade have linked the PVG Scheme application with the Re-Registration form.

Congregational Safeguarding Register

Every Kirk Session is required to maintain an accurate record of personnel working with children and protected adults as in the Protection of Vulnerable Groups (Scotland) Act 2007. This record will be checked at annual and Presbytery inspections.

No Longer Undertaking Regulated Work with the Church of Scotland

If a volunteer is no longer undertaking regulated work with the Church of Scotland, both the Safeguarding Service and Disclosure Scotland are required to be notified.  The volunteer must contact Disclosure Scotland directly on the details below.

To inform the Safeguarding Service please use the form below, which should be completed by both the volunteer and the Safeguarding Coordinator and sent into the office.

Change to PVG Scheme Member Details

Please inform Disclosure Scotland of any changes to your personal details.

Disclosure Scotland’s instructions on how to manage your PVG membership can be found here

Disclosure Scotland contact details: Disclosure Scotland, PO Box 250, Glasgow, G51 1YU.

E: T: 0300 020 0040

Safeguarding Service contact details: The Church of Scotland, Safeguarding Service, 121 George Street, Edinburgh, EH2 4YN

E: T: 0131 240 2256