Rural church

A significant proportion, 43%, of the parishes of the Church of Scotland are classified as rural. It has been identified that within these communities there are opportunities and challenges which are specific to the rural context.

The Rural Working Group

The Church of Scotland supports and resources rural congregations through the Rural Working Group. The work of the group is carried out by Council members and co-opted individuals who have insights and interest in the rural context. The remit of the group is:

  • To identify and raise the profile of the needs of rural congregations and presbyteries
  • To identify and enable engagement with the ministry and missional opportunities found in rural areas
  • To identify and signpost specific rural resources
  • To facilitate involvement with and arrangement of regional and/or national events with a rural focus
  • To provide advice on specific queries directed to the Church on rural issues
  • To liaise with the Scottish Churches Rural Group to ensure appropriate ecumenical co-operation

The Church of Scotland Rural Working Group works within the Church's Congregational Learning Team. Contact Hannah Sanderson, who is pleased to hear from anyone with an interest in rural church.

Digital Footprint Conference: Communicating the Gospel in Today's World

Last summer, the Church of Scotland's Rural Working Group joined Sanctuary First to present a conference aimed at rural congregations, demonstrating how to use technology to connect. The conference was filmed, and the sessions are now available on the Church of Scotland YouTube channel .

Following a short introduction to the Rural Working Group, this short series offers insight into different areas of Live Streaming, with expert advice from the team at Sanctuary First, as well as stories from local congregations. The following sessions offer advice and reassurance that your church, too, can connect and create its own Digital Footprint.

Nationwide Consultation

It has long been recognised that there was a need to provide an evidence base about these opportunities and challenges in order to effectively resource and inspire our rural congregations. In response, the Rural Working Group (RWG) recently engaged in a nationwide consultation process.

Read the full report from the consultation


Church Organisation from Scratch - for rural and small congregations

This resource from the Rural Working Group is intended to be a helpful guide for session clerks, ministers, and office bearers seeking to make a parish church operate effectively. It takes account of circumstances where certain skills may be in short supply. It does not cover every eventuality, but addresses a number of issues often encountered by rural congregations.

FAQ: Training for and sustaining ministry in rural settings

Rural ministries have their own, unique set of challenges and those who consider working in them often have many questions. This guide should help, with answers for everything from training in a rural setting to helping and supporting local ministers.

Quick guide

In direct response to the findings of the consultation, the RWG has created a new Quickguide on how to set up Rural Events. This guide takes you through the process of planning an event and can be used for setting up a local rural forum in your area. It could also be used for day conferences or large meetings.

Frequently asked Questions to the General Trustees

The RWG is often asked for help with streamlining governance. We have been working with the General Trustees Department to put together a helpful document.

The document lists the 12 queries the General Trustees Department is asked most often and their answers. It also contains helpful signposting to further information and the right people to contact. Although it is only a general guide, we hope it is helpful to you.

Download the the general guide to the General Trustees


The RWG is keen to raise the profile of the rural church, champion its concerns, and publicise its success. We have created four bright pop-up banners with the inclusive headline "In a community near you". These banners can be borrowed from the central offices to be displayed at any event, urban or rural, to remind people of the presence and impact of the rural church in Scotland.

To book a banner, please email

Event Resource Box

During our consultation we found that lack of equipment can be a barrier to running events in rural venues. To alleviate this problem, the RWG has purchased audio visual equipment that can be loaned to rural congregations. There are 2 sets of resource boxes containing the following equipment:

  • PA, 2 x wireless mic, projector, HDMI cable, external DVD, laptop, extension cable, and tie clip mic.

A user's guide with all the instructions required to make use of the equipment is included in the resource box.

One box of equipment is stored in Edinburgh and the other in Inverness. To book a box and co-ordinate carriage, please contact

Online Forum

We also have a lively Facebook page where we are building an ecumenical network for all to contribute and share. The page is a public group entitled ‘Rural Churches in Scotland'.

God's Own Country

God's Own Country is an exciting resource, prepared by the Church of Scotland, for rural churches. It has been designed to engender practical action and to affirm, encourage, and inspire those in rural congregations as they seek to be effective disciples of Christ in their particular context.

The Scottish Churches Rural Group (ACTS)

The Church of Scotland Rural Working Group works closely with the Scottish Churches Rural Group (SCRG), which was formed in 2005 as an associated ecumenical group of Action of Churches Together in Scotland (ACTS). Membership is drawn from the Church of Scotland, the Scottish Episcopal Church, the Methodist Church, the United Reformed Church, the Congregational Federation, the Roman Catholic Church, the United Free Church of Scotland, the Salvation Army, and the Religious Society of Friends.The group works to facilitate pastoral support for churches in rural communities, to exchange and facilitate discussion, to work ecumenically, to comment upon rural policy proposals, and to act in partnership with key individuals and organisations addressing the rural issues of Scotland. The group has addressed issues in agriculture, fishing, crofting, migrant workers, and rural ministry.

A sub group of SCRG is responsible for an inter-denominational church presence at The Royal Highland Show (RHS). The show provides a significant window on rural life in Scotland and the regular ACTS stand serves as a gentle reminder that the Christian churches are an integral part of that. Regular visitors include the Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland, key exhibitors of livestock, stands, and many families. Perhaps, most importantly, many come to celebrate, enquire, and reflect upon the wonder, joy, and beauty of all that God provides to the heart and soul of rural life.

The SCRG was also involved in the development of the Scottish Pilgrim Routes Forum, of which the Church of Scotland is a member. Recognising the significance of pilgrimage travel and faith tourism, this group aims to be a focal point for discussion and development of Pilgrim Routes within Scotland.

Biblical Resources from the Rural Church

The Rev Richard Baxter is the Minister for Fort William Duncansburgh MacIntosh linked with Kilmonivaig.

Richard, native to Northern Ireland, had previously been the minister of St Kenneth's, Kennoway Windygates & Balgonie in Fife for eighteen years but now very much enjoys the rural delights of the Presbytery of Lochaber.

Richard is currently a keen member on the Church of Scotland Rural Working Group and has been asked to contribute a series of bible studies for Life and Work, the Church of Scotland Magazine. The series focuses on People on the Move. You can find the first published studies here, with more to follow.