Complaining about a local, regional or national member of staff

If you are complaining about an employee of the Church of Scotland or an employee of a local church then your first step is to send a written complaint to the relevant contact below.

We have provided alternative contacts for each council/committee in the event that your complaint involves the stated contact or you are unable to make contact with the individual for whatever reason.

Your complaint will be handled at the discretion of the relevant council or committee and they will decide how the complaint is processed.

I am complaining about a...

Ministries Development Staff member (youth worker, parish assistant, community worker etc.)

Contact Daran Golby

Individual employed locally by a church (this includes organists)

Contact the minister of the relevant congregation. Contact details for each minister can be found through the Church Finder.

Staff member located at 121 George Street, Edinburgh

Contact Human Resources

Mission Partner or an individual involved with a Mission Partner

Contact Ian Alexander, Interim Head of Faith Impact

None of the above

If you are unsure about the role or employment status of the person you are complaining about then please get in touch with Human Resources They will be able to inform you of the relevant council or committee for your complaint.