Campaigning Kirk official calls on Sir Philip Green to repay BHS pension fund

A Church of Scotland employee, who is leading a campaign to "achieve justice" for British Home Store staff and pensioners has described the House of Commons report on the collapse of the company as, "very clear and hardhitting. It lays responsibility squarely at the feet of Philip Green."

Lin Macmillan
Former British Home Stores employee Lin Macmillan is speaking out about the collapse of the company in an effort to 'achieve justice' for employees and pensioners.

Lin Macmillan, who worked for British Homes stores for more than 10 years through the 1980s, is speaking out on Sky, BBC news, STV, ITV and numerous other broadcast and print media, about the report, which was completed for the UK Parliament's Work and Pensions and Business Innovation and Skills committees.

The report blames the company's failure on, "the systematic plunder of BHS at the cost of the 11,000 jobs and 20,000 peoples pensions now at risk. Sir Philip Green, Dominic Chappell and the respective directors, advisors and hangers-on who all got rich or richer are all culpable, with the only losers the ordinary employees and pensioners."

Miss Macmillan, now Secretary of the Church of Scotland's Housing and Loan Fund, created a petition "Sell the Yachts and Pay the Pensions" to increase the pressure on the former BHS owner, Sir Philip Green, who sold the company for a pound last year while leaving a pension deficit of £571m.She said:

"I think the main message of the report is very clear. It lays the blame for the demise of British Home Stores fairly and squarely at the feet of Philip Green, who plundered the assets of BHS to fund a luxury lifestyle for himself and his family.

"As a result 11,000 people directly employed by BHS are losing their jobs and a lot of other people in associated industries will be affected too.

"My pension is affected along with 20,000 other people and I would like to see Philip Green dig deep into his pockets, bring out his chequebook and write what Frank Field MP calls 'a whacking big cheque' to repay the pension deficit and secure the pensions for those of us who worked for BHS in the past.

"If he has to sell a yacht to raise the funds then so be it. You can only be on one yacht at once."

Sign the 'Sell the yachts and pay the pensions' petition.