Neighbour convicted of murdering Church member

Mary Logie
Mary (Rae) Logie Police Scotland

A heroin addict has today been found guilty of the murder of a “kind hearted” Church of Scotland member in Fife.

Sandra Weir battered pensioner Mary (Rae) Logie to death in her home in Green Gates, Leven in January.

The 82-year-old suffered multiple head wounds, possibly inflicted by a heavy rolling pin.

Police said Weir was "a callous and uncaring individual who regularly exploited Mary Logie for financial gain".

Weir, who lived next door to the Leven Parish Church member, had been stealing money from Mrs Logie to fund her drug habit.

The 41-year-old had lodged a special defence of alibi claiming that around the time of the murder she was elsewhere in Leven.

She was convicted following a 10-day trial at the High Court in Edinburgh and will be sentenced next month.


Reacting to the news, Rev Gilbert Nisbet of Leven Parish Church said: “The end of the trial regarding the murder of Mary (Rae) Logie gives an opportunity for the local community and for her family and friends to move forward.

“The evidence given and the reporting of the case in the High Court has reopened the events of last year and brought them back to the forefront of the thinking of many of the people who knew Rae best.

“There is a great deal of sadness that such a thing could happen in this community and people grieve over the circumstances of Rae’s death.

“The Christian message of forgiveness is always allied to repentance.”

Born and brought up in Methil, Mrs Logie was an only child and worked in a local Co-op chemists shop after she left school and stayed there until she married her husband of 33 years Walter, known as Wattie.

The couple had three children, Ron, Derek and Carol and she later worked as a part-time cleaner at a local photography business and as a home help.

Nearly 200 people have attended Mrs Logie’s funeral at the church in February.

It was conducted by Mr Nisbet who said: "Rae had a kind heart and she was always willing to go the extra mile to be helpful.

"She cared for those she assisted and continued to visit them after she retired.

"Rae was able to look back with quiet pride and genuine satisfaction on all that she did through her working life."

Active life

A keen reader, particularly of historical and romantic novels, Mrs Logie was a regular visitor to the library, loved travel television programmes and was a "great film buff" with a particular fondness for action thrillers.

Mr Nisbet said she was not afraid to voice her strongly held opinions, took pride in her appearance and having her hair and nails done regularly and loved dancing with her husband in her younger days.

The minister said Mrs Logie was active all her life.

"If it wasn't the Guild, or the Tuesday and Friday lunches here at the Kirk, it was coach trips or mystery tours, as well as those stalwarts of each Christmas period, the pantos at the King's in Edinburgh and the Adam Smith in Kirkcaldy," added Mr Nisbet.

Mrs Logie was buried in East Wemyss Cemetery and donations were collected on behalf of Leven Parish Church and the SSPCA.