New Learn publication explores the call to ministry

The Church of Scotland has published a new title in its groundbreaking Learn publication series. Learn: Tomorrow's Calling, explores the adventurous journey into ministry through stories of men and women called to serve God.

Learn Tomorrow's Calling
The Learn: Tomorrow's Calling book.

Rt Rev Dr Russell Barr, Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland, praised the new book as valuable resource for anyone who senses their vocation lies within the Church of Scotland.

“Learn: Tomorrow's Calling introduces a great deal of ideas and reflections on discerning a call to ministry,” the Moderator said. “I hope you make time to enjoy the articles, quietly reflect on the beautiful prayers and apply some of these great truths from the Christian tradition to your journey of discernment.”

Beautifully designed and illustrated in full colour, the book features prayers and articles from leading theologians as well as the stories of parish ministers from around the country.

The book is broken up into short thought-provoking sections that can be read in any order allowing the reader to dip in and out. Each section looks at a different aspect of the journey towards a calling and offers practical help to readers considering a greater role in the Church.

The writings are followed by questions to reflect on, an action to take and suggestions for further reading on the topic.

Rev Dr Marjory MacLean, Convener of the Education and Support Committee in the Ministries Council, said Learn: Tomorrow's Calling, offers readers an opportunity to learn more about God, themselves and the Church through writings that encourage and affirm as they explore the challenges of following a vocation.

“This beautiful resource will ask you to listen for a sound, a voice, a word, a suggestion," she said. "It will make your ears tickle and your feet itch to find your direction and take some tentative steps. And it will help you to bring a voice, a suggestion, a direction to another life, so that you can tickle their ears and make their feet itch a bit too.”

The first book in the series, Learn: Eldership, was nominated in The Drum's 2015, Scottish Creative Awards. That issue sold out before publication and is currently on its third print run having sold more than 8000 copies to date.

Since then the series has produced two more titles: Learn: Exploring Faith, which has sold more than 1,400 copies to date, and Learn: How Will Our Children Have Faith?, which has sold nearly 1000 copies. Each of the publications costs £10. (Enter LEARN16 to save up to 45 percent.)

You can buy a copy of Learn: Tomorrow’s Calling from St Andrew Press.