Video asks How do we serve our isolated communities?

Our latest Take a Pew video sees our pews set amidst the stunning backdrop of Glencoe to host a discussion on how the Church can best serve Scotland's isolated communities, wherever they exist.

Loneliness are isolation are amongst the most challenging issues facing our rapidly changing society, and affect many people in both urban and rural communities. Church of Scotland congregations and our social care arm, CrossReach, already deliver a wide range of projects to help support and connect isolated people within their communities across the country. This discussion looks at the experience of three parish ministers who work in very different settings, where they consider what drives them and how the church can do more to serve this growing need.

Rev Dr Richard Frazer of Edinburgh's Greyfriars Kirk introduces the discussion, and is joined by Rev Gordon Strang of Inverallan Parish Church in Grantown-On-Spey in the Highlands and Rev Sarah Ross of Blantyre Old Parish Church in South Lanarkshire. Together they discuss their calling to parish ministry and how their faith equips them to meet the different needs within their communities.

Dr Frazer, who is convener of the Church and Society Council says "In this Take a Pew we consider the increasingly diverse challenges of parish ministry. We also recognise the need to celebrate the huge contributions our congregations make to the wellbeing and flourishing of our local communities. Sitting on the pews in the middle of Glencoe certainly made me think about change, and where else should people be embracing change more than in the Church where we are inspired by Jesus dying on the cross and His resurrection. I very much enjoyed taking part."

Permission to film in this spectacular location was kindly granted by the National Trust for Scotland, who allowed us access onto the historic Wade Military Road.

Take a Pew filmed in Glencoe
The National Trust for Scotland gave special permission for Take a Pew to be filmed in the spectacular setting of Glencoe.

At the end of October we will release the next short film in the Take a Pew series filmed at Glasgow’s Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum. The Moderator of theChurch of Scotland, Right Rev Dr Russell Barr, is joined by Rev Neil Glover of Flemington Hallside Church near Cambuslang, Rev Tommy McNeill of Martin’s Memorial Church in Stornaway and Alison Watson, who Deputy Director of Shelter Scotland. Together these guests discuss the plight of the homeless in Scotland, what can be done to house those in need and how the Church can attract more trainees into Ministry.

Rev Neil Glover, who is convener of the Ministries Council, says he's delighted the Take a Pew films are bringing the Church to different places to discuss the issues which matter to people. "Since the first video was released in May, they've been viewed more than 40,000 times. I hope people who enjoy one will now dip into the others too, as we are building a diversity of views and ideas which we can all learn from. This is an exciting time to be part of the Church."

All the Take a Pew films are available in a dedicated playlist on our YouTube channel.

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