Ground-breaking eldership book sells 10,000 copies

A ground-breaking book on eldership described as a "blessing" to the Church of Scotland has sold more than 10,000 copies.

Some of the people involved in the Learn publication
From l - r: Ron Clarke who leads the development of the Learn publications, conferences and online resources, Lynne McEwen, Session Clerk from West Lothian Presbytery, and Jamie Milliken, Minister from Troon and vice-convenor of the Mission and Discipleship Council

The publication, which is part of the Learn series and created by the Kirk's Mission and Discipleship Council, has proven a vital guide for individuals and groups preparing to serve as elders.

Many continue to use Learn: Eldership after they have been ordained, as part of ongoing learning and development for their role.

A blessing

Jamie Milliken, minister of Portland Parish Church in Troon, and vice-convener of the Mission and Discipleship Council, said:

"Learn: Eldership is a blessing to the Church.

"The blessing comes alive in the local community when our elders engage with the publication and put it into practice through inspired leadership and active discipleship.

"When that level of engagement comes then we will truly have 10,000 reasons to bless God and celebrate."

Lynne McEwen, an elder in West Lothian Presbytery, spoke of the usefulness of Eldership, which was launched three years ago.

"Many of the Kirk Sessions in our Presbytery have been working through Learn: Eldership and have constantly praised it as a valuable resource both for information and discussion," she said.

Christian calling

Rev Norman Smith, Convener of Mission and Discipleship, said:

"Mission and Discipleship produce resources that are designed to help people live out their Christian calling.

"With such a good take up Learn Eldership has shown it is doing just that.

"We are delighted that people from across the denomination and beyond have found this book to be helpful.

"We hope and pray it will continue to be so in the coming years."

The Church of Scotland has around 30,000 elders based across Scotland, and abroad.

TheLearn series

Other titles in the Learn series, which aims to provide guidance on subjects relating to faith, include: Exploring Faith, How Will Our Children Have Faith?, and Tomorrow's Calling.

The fifth book in the series, Understanding Our Faith was published in November and is designed to help readers to think "in more depth and in more detail about their Christian faith."

Another edition, Children and Young People, will be published in early December and looks at how faith can be passed on to the next generation.

To find out more about the other Learnpublications, conferences and online learning resources, please visit Learn Online.