Moderator condemns Finsbury Park attack

The Moderator, has condemned the attack on Muslim worshippers in Finsbury Park, London saying all people of faith and goodwill must “continue to work together for understanding, openness, tolerance, and greater understanding.”

Rt Rev Dr Derek Browning
Rt Rev Dr Derek Browning

One person has died and eight were taken to hospital after a man drove a car into a group of people who were giving first aid to a man who had collapsed. The BBC have reported that the 48-year-old driver who was arrested at the scene said he wanted to, "kill all Muslims".

Rt Rev Dr Derek Browning is in London where he attended the Trooping of the Colour marking HM The Queen’s birthday celebration, and preached in the Church of England’s St Paul’s Knightsbridge. He said:

“All acts of brutality and terrorism are to be condemned. Such actions targeting people leaving a place of worship after prayers are particularly disturbing.

“At times like this all people of faith and goodwill join together peaceably, compassionately and prayerfully with those caught up in the events of Finsbury Park.

“We remember also all victims of terrorism here and across the world.

“We must continue to work together for openness, tolerance, and greater understanding. Fear is a terrible motivator. Love overcomes fear, and anger, and grief, and loss.”