Advent Day 24: A Christmas Eve prayer by Dana McQuater

To mark the final day of Advent, Dana McQuater, the Moderator of the Kirk's National Youth Assembly, has written this moving prayer. As you prepare for Christmas Day and make your way to your local Christmas Eve church service, we invite you to reflect on her words and celebrate the contributions of young people across the Church of Scotland.

Dana McQuater standing in front of a stained glass window
Dana McQuater, the Moderator of the Kirk’s National Youth Assembly, has written this moving prayer.

O Lord, our father of hope, peace and joy,
We seek You in our joy at the face of a newborn babe,
Who was the ultimate symbol of peace, hope and love.
We thank You that You give us hope in this quickly changing world,
where we still choose to strip the earth to its bare bones.

Help us to focus on the joy that the world brings,
To shift our focus back to You,
A babe in a manger,
Who showed us the way forward.
To help guide those that do not know You yet.

Help us to keep this planet safe from the harsh realities of our time,
To guide those in power to help us through the hard lessons,
And guide us through a safe path,
towards the light that is You.

Help keep our minds focussed and our hearts filled with the joy of Advent,
And our arms outstretched towards You.
As we remember You as a babe who came to save us,
To teach us and to guide us.

We ask a blessing on each of us in this season of Advent,
And may the joy of the season flood you and give you peace.