Prayer: Christ is Risen Hallelujah

A Prayer for Easter Sunday: Christ is risen Hallelujah

Resurrection Sunday by Luz Adriana Villa
Resurrection Sunday by Luz Adriana Villa

do you hear it?
The world hold its breath
the stars still,
the sun hesitates
as creation fills its lungs
And the air swells with expectation

Do you hear it:
the stone… rolling…
Revealing folded grave clothes…
As God takes a breath…

In the whispered alleluia
Of the dawning of Easter day…
the whole earth is charged with proclaiming:
Christ is risen!
This is resurrection!

Christ is risen!
Death is defeated!
Despair, pain and hurt have given way to hope

With thankful hearts Lord Jesus
We worship you
Knowing you deserve more
than all the praise in the world
yet knowing too,

our Hallelujah's
are like sweet perfume to you….//
For your unselfish grace and courage

But above all for your love,
We give you our eternal thanks.Amen

Rt Rev Susan Brown, Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland

Photo courtesy of Luz Adriana Villa