Advent Day 13: The Ballad of the Bonny Battle

Rev Louise Purden, minister of Bonnyrigg Parish Church in Midlothian, sings a special ballad she has written to celebrate the light in the darkness as we contend with the battle through life.

Come join the bonnie battle, let your faith rise up and sing.

Come join the bonnie battle as we follow on our king.

We stand for hope and justice, a bruised reed he will not break.

We pray for truth and hope to rise, we do it all for Jesus's sake.

Come join the bonny battle, let your faith rise up and dance.

Come join the bonnie battle, and God's kingdom is advanced.

We stand for truth and mercy where there's hopelessness and pain.

We long for restoration, healing brokenness and shame.

Come join the bonnie battle, Gods equipped us for the fight.

Come join the bonnie battle, stand together and unite.

We stand on grace and freedom, abundantly poured out.

A new day, a new beginning, we raise our hands, we raise a shout.

Come join the bonnie battle, our prayers our battle cry.

Come join the bonnie battle, lifting Jesus name on high.

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