The Church of Scotland and its partner organisations produce a wide range of newsletters covering topics from world and ecumenical affairs, to ministerial development and local priority area updates.

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Ascend brings together a range of services and opportunities for those in ministry. The heart of Ascend is to provide a creative and safe space that enables meaningful support and development. Our monthly newsletter highlights CMD opportunities, events and services.

Children and Youth Ministry

Ministry with children and young people is exciting and rewarding but can at times be challenging so we all need a little help sometimes. This monthly newsletter aims to keep you informed about forthcoming training, conferences and resources from the Church of Scotland and others that will be of benefit to you in your ministry, and highlights opportunities and events for young people.

Faith Impact Forum

Faith Impact Forum

The Faith Impact Forum sends out a weekly e-newsletter, full of things to help you, your church and your community engage with the wider church around the world. This newsletter shares stories of encounters and inspires you to act as you explore the issues of the global church.

Priority Areas

Priority Areas sends out a monthly newsletter to share both national and local good news stories directly from our 64 communities. We also include resources, funding and learning opportunities as well as any vacancies within Priority Areas.


The Stewardship office sends out a periodic newsletter to support churches to make best use of their resources. We provide information on fundraising, available grants, funding opportunities within the church, worship resources, and training and events for treasurers and office-bearers.

The Guild

The Guild sends out a monthly newsletter to inform people of the activities of The Guild both locally and nationally. It gives an insight into the wide range of things we do and how people can get involved.