Live social media Biblical reflections for Bellshill minister

A North Lanarkshire preacher has launched a new live online ministry to spread the Gospel across the world.

Rev Kevin de Beer of Bellshill Central Parish Church said Word on Wednesdays provided a new opportunity to connect with people “looking for hope in a world that is tempted to despair”.

Each week, the South Africa-born minister will present a live three-minute Biblical reflection video on his church’s Facebook page to inspire people to embark on a journey of faith.

Kevin De Beer
Rev Kevin de Beer

Mr de Beer said the social media presence of Bellshill Central Parish Church, which he joined in 2015, is continually growing and it was a good platform to use to reach out to people during the week.

“We are fortunate to have a team that have worked hard on our internet presence and I was asked to post 31 days of prayer in the summer of 2016, which was well received,” he added.

“The gift of sharing prayers was repeated through the season of Lent in 2017 and this too was well received.

“As the Facebook page of Bellshill Central has grown in its reach and influence, we have decided to launch a ‘word on Wednesdays’ – a three-minute biblical reflection, followed by a prayer.”


After the live broadcast at 9am is finished, the video will be posted to the Church’s Facebook page so people can view it at their leisure.

Mr de Beer said: “We believe that Facebook offers us opportunities to connect with people who were born and raised in Bellshill and friends in places such as South Africa, England, Australia, USA and New Zealand.

“It also enables us to reach out to those who are longing for a word of hope in a world that is tempted to despair.

“It is our conviction that the church continues to offer the gift of a worshipping community where virtues such as faith, hope and love can be celebrated.”


Mr de Beer, who is married with two children, said Bellshill Parish Church had published a resource, titled ‘First Steps – Journeying in Faith, Hope and Love.

“We are hoping to give 50 copies to people who live in Bellshill and who might well be asking questions concerning God and the Bible,” he added.

“We believe that the church offers a community where people can gather to worship, to ask questions and give loving service.”